CLiNT #9 arrives Stateside – delivers Supercrooks Exclusive

British comic fans have already read it but the latest 100-page issue of CLiNT – perhaps one of its most potentially controversial issues yet – goes on sale in the US this week.

Issue 9 is packed full with brilliant comics and includes a thrilling first look at super-villain heist comic Supercrooks, the continuation of Kick-Ass 2, an exclusive strip by British comedian Jimmy Carr, Turf, Superior and Jake Ellis.

CLiNT’s exclusive first look at Supercrooks offers behind the scenes insight on the upcoming comic and movie, the brainchild of Mark Millar and artist Leinil Yu.

A supervillain heist story that is being written in parallel to the movie script, check out some preview sketches and get the low-down from Mark and Leinil themselves, and from Academy Award nominated Spanish director Nacho Vigalondo who will be bringing the strip to the screen.

CLiNT #9 also delivers the latest episode of Kick-Ass 2, in which Dave Lizewski’s father has just discovered his Kick-Ass costume! And it looks like Justice Forever are in trouble, as a familiar foe returns to wreak havoc…

“Beat My Score”, a story by famed stand-up comedian Jimmy Carr, co-host of Channel 4’s 10 O’Clock Live, stirred up the usual knee-jerk right wing press hostility in the UK before anyone had the chance to read the story – a nihilistic satirical sideswipe at the glamorisation of school shootings in modern culture.

Now American readers can decide for themselves and assess whether Japanese artist Ryusuke Hamamoto’s grim strip will really pollute young minds.

In this issue’s episode of Superior, schoolboy-turned-superhero Simon has been trying to use his new powers to be a true hero – he has saved a space-station from crashing into New York and has rescused a nuclear submarine.

However, the media have started to take notice and feisty reporter Madeline Knox is determined to get the scoop…

With all these strips and its usual selection of off-the wall features you’ll find CLiNT on sale in all good US comic shops now. UK readers should still be able to find copies on sale in newsagents.

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