Comics Creators At The Glasgow Comic Con

The inaugural Glasgow Comic Con took place on Saturday 25 June 2011 in the Mackintosh Church Arts and Heritage Centre in Maryhill, Glasgow. The downthetubes review of the event is here but with more photos available we have decided to take a quick rundown of some of the comics creators that were at the event complete with links to their websites and blogs.

The Scotch Corner daily art blog was well represented with both Graeme Neil Reid (left) and Gary Erskine (right) behind tables while Thomas Creilly and Alex Ronald popped in during the day. Alex would go on to win the Scottish Independent Comic Book Award for Best Artists that evening for his work on the Vampire Vixens Of The Wehrmacht in Wasted.

Graeme produced sketches beforehand to sell on the day with them appearing on Scotch Corner and his own blog

…while Gary had a stream of people watching him sketch for them throughout the day.

Other artists behind tables on the day were Jon Haward showing off his Panini/Marvel UK artwork and who, like Gary Erskine, is a Dan Dare artist…

… and Beano and Dandy artist Stevie White, or Stref, was doing humour sketches on the day as well as showing off his new anthology book Milk+.

Digital inker and colourist Jamie Grant (left) was on hand to look over people’s own work as well as signing his own…

… while artist David Lloyd (left) was signing copies of his graphic novel Kickback and, remembering that he is involved in Cartoon Classroom, was also speaking to Dr Chris Murray (right) of Dundee University’s Dundee Comics Day and that Masters degree in Comics Studies.

Chris is well known for his sartorial choices although Sha Nazir gave him a run for his money with this shirt on the day. Sha is the creator of Black Hearted Press’ humour title Laptop Guy and was remarkably relaxed and cheerful during the convention despite being one of the organisers.

Sha’s co-organiser was John Farman seen here with the cover to his forthcoming title also from Black Hearted Press, The School Of The Damned

… while the other Black Hearted Press creator there was David Braysher creator of on-line anthology Black Hearted Love.

Other small pressers there included writer/artist Graham Pearce (left) showing off his many Sgt Mike Battle comics along with writer Daniel Clifford (right) of the anthology title Sugar Glider

…while Ed Murphy of Rough Cut Comics had one of the most impressive of the small press displays showing off his comics The Freedom Collective, The Surgeon and Society: Party Animal as well has the impressive graphic novel Rose Black written by Tom Campbell, pencilled by Jaeson Finn and inked by Colin Barr.

Last, but by no means least, in our round-up are the Team Girl collective, including Gillian Hatcher (left) and Coleen Campbell (right). Their Team Girl Comic anthology has reached its third issue and with an exhibition at Orbital in London along with appearances at some of the London small press fairs, the team had run a free workshop and event about their work at the Glasgow venue in the run-up to the convention. We hope to hear more from Team Girl in the near future.

The Glasgow Comics Con website is here.

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