Hasbro preps release of original Death’s Head figure for 2014

The Marvel Infinite Series Death's Head - on his way in 2014. Image © Hasbro

The Marvel Infinite Series Death’s Head – on his way in 2014. Image © Hasbro

It’s been in the works for a while but, finally, Hasbro confirmed at New York Toy Fair that its original Death’s Head figure is on the way.

Originally announced (along with Deathlok, also set for release this year) as part of the now defunct Marvel Universe series, the new figure is being released as part of the company’s latest figures in its 3.75″ Marvel Infinite line.

Death’s Head will form part of the second wave of releases in the line scheduled for 2014, along with Red She-Hulk, Thor and Whirlwind – plus re-issues of Beta Ray Bill, Yellowjacket and Steve Rogers.

Wave One will deliver The Wasp, “Marvel Now” Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, The Grim Reaper and Hyperion.

The original Death’s Head was first created by writer Simon Furman and artist Geoff Senior and  first featured in a one page comic (“High Noon Tex”, drawn by Bryan Hitch) in the fanzine I published, SCAN, back in the 1980s and a number of other Marvel UK comics, as a way of ensuring he was Marvel UK copyright given his Transformers Comics appearances.

Death’s Head went on to feature in Doctor Who Magazine (In Issue 135, “Crossroads in Time”, drawn by Geoff Senior, as a means to reduce him to human size), his own title, Marvel UK’s STRIP anthology and a graphic novel before becoming part of Death’s Head II. Thanks to the weird ways of the fictional Marvel Universe, both Death’s Heads are now in circulation, most recently appearing in Revolutionary War as well as Iron Man.

There’s no date, as yet, for the release of the figure. We’ll keep you posted!

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