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Bryan Talbot: Graphic Novel Man


The Project: The Graphic Novel Man: The Comics of Bryan Talbot is a Digital Story Engine documentary series available on HD Download providing the definitive Bryan Talbot experience for established fans and first time readers. Introduced by Michael Moorcock, The Graphic Novel Man has unprecedented access to behind the scenes material and personal stories; featuring exclusive contributions from some of the world’s greatest comic creators, including Neil Gaiman, Joe Sacco, Warren Ellis, Gilbert Shelton, Al Davison, Mary Talbot, Hunt Emerson, Paul Gravett and many more.

The Review: I saw the contest to win copies of this release on the downthetubes blog, entered and forgot all about it. Lo and behold! “You have won a download” came into my Inbox and, having the day off (not to watch Bryan Talbot!) I watched Bryan Talbot!

This film featured a lot of well known names – some sadly no longer with us – and shows a ton of Bryan’s artwork. But it is not just the story of Bryan’s art but also his motivations and humble inspirations. His partner, Mary, appears to be the unacknowledged mentor and support I would expect – and the fact they got to work together, on projects such as Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes, must have been brilliant.

The film quality is HD and the effects used are only there to assist the storytelling. The comments of the artists, writers, publishers and critics are useful and help amplify the narrative and thankfully are all credited throughout – unlike some more ‘professional’ TV programmes. You will be taken on a run through Bryan’s works and comments are made by many in the industry but also others outside it. It’s great to see how some of these came about – The Tale of One Bad Rat is one of our family’s favourites. I missed Luther Arkwright but shall soon catch up.

This film also outlines some of the early work of underground comic artists in the UK – so you also get to learn some fascinating comics history.

If you have never read any Bryan Talbot, go away now and do so … and then come back and watch this brilliant documentary! Thanks to all concerned for capturing this for fans in the future (and those of us still around!)

Norman Boyd is the compiler of the excellent Frank Bellamy Checklist Blog and the Raymond Sheppard, Illustrator blog. He also compiles the blog Visual Rants

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