Latest “Film Stories” tracks down the 2000AD Movies That Never Were

The current issue of Film Stories magazine, Issue 11, on sale now in WHSmith and other UK high street retailers, includes a huge feature on all the 2000AD movies that never were.

Film Stories #11 Cover

The magazine tracked down the films based on the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic that didn’t make it to the screen – and why.

If you’ve missed out on the Issue, the bad news is that the publisher has sold out, but if you pre-order Issue 12 here – shipping the end of next week – they’ll throw in a free digital edition of issue 11 too.

“A Christmas gift for film lovers, that also helps us offer even more opportunities to writers and indie filmmakers,” say the team.

Film Stories #11 Cover and Film Stories Junior

Film Stories launched back in 2018 and since then, the title, which also has its own podcast, has published hundreds of pages, given breaks to loads of new writers, and talked about all sorts of films, big and small. The title has also showcased a whole bunch of primarily British films on its covers, that weren’t getting covers anywhere else.

Issue 11 also includes: the story of Last Christmas, how the film came together quickly, its test screenings, and the other thus-far unpublished George Michael songs; the cinema of David Essex: a celebration; when movie stars come to Britain for pantomime; the great space race: the movie production studios cropping up around the UK (that aren’t in London); the life and times of dogs in the movies; the film school hiding in your DVD collection; what’s happened to all the DVD shops?; and much, much more.

Also published is Film Stories Junior, currently four times a year, probably the world’s first print film magazine that’s not just aimed at under 15s, but it’s mainly written by them too.

For subscriptions to both Film Stories and Film Stories Junior magazines, details are right here

There’s some background here on the origins of Film Stories magazine and how much work goes into publishing it

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