Latest Spaceship Away Now Available

The fifteenth issue of ‘Classic’ Dan Dare magazine Spaceship Away is now on sale direct from the official website or from specialist shops.

Behind the Tim Booth cover are the regular Dare strips of Green Nemesis with art by Don Harley and Tim Booth, Booth’s own Gates Of Eden and Ray Aspen’s Dan Dare based humour strips Mekki and Our Bertie. Keith Page’s Dare prequel Rocket Pilot and the 1950s reprint strip Journey Into Space continue whilst Sydney Jordan’s Hal Starr draws to a conclusion. A new strip begins in the CGI shape of Iain McClumpha’s Space Girls which, based on a single preview image in the previous issue, has divided opinion in the letters column as to whether it should be included in the title or not. The highlight of the issue however is a warts and all reminiscence by original Hampson studio artist Greta Tomlinson for her time working on Dan Dare combined with a painted cutaway by Graham Bleathman of the Bakehouse studio that she worked in in 1950.

There is also a sneak preview of Mike Nicoll’s highly detailed CG art for downthetube’s own John Freeman’s space strip, Ex Astris, which begins in the next issue. Also starting next time is Ron Turner’s Nick Hazard strip newly coloured by John Ridgway.

Spaceship Away issue 15 costs £6.99 for its 44 glossy colour pages. More details are available on the website along with details of the new Spaceship Away binder.

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