Marvelman – sorry, Miracleman – back in print next year, all new stories planned

 Miracleman (2014) #1 cover by John Cassaday

Miracleman (2014) #1 cover by John Cassaday

Marvel Comics has announced it will finally begin reprinting the Miracleman stories initially published in Dez Skinn’s Warrior from January next year – and finish the run with stories by Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham that have never been published.

Long out of print, Marvel Comics gained the rights to Miracleman – originally known as Marvelman until, ironically, Marvel objected to the use of the name, but who now show no signs of changing it back – some time ago, and republished stories from the 1950s published by L. Miller and Son Ltd, featuring the character’s original incarnation back in 2010.

(The tortured and incredibly complex history of the Marvelman/Miracleman character is documented here by Pádraig Ó Méalóid)

Now, Marvel will publish the stories from Warrior written by Alan Moore (the official press release strangely omitting any mention of his name) and those published by US publisher Eclipse Comics.

Miracleman (2014) #1 cover by Joe Quesada

Miracleman (2014) #1 cover by Joe Quesada

Marvel says fans lucky enough to have read these trailblazing stories when they were originally produced have often referred to this legendary run on Miracleman as “the lost Watchmen,” and Marvel is proud to finally bring these incredible comics to an audience that has clamored for them.

“The wait is over,” says Editor In Chief Axel Alonso.  “Marvel will finally be bringing these timeless, ground-breaking stories to a whole new generation of reader.”

“We’ve been working with the Miracleman artists to obtain original artwork or photostats in every instance possible, and then applying the same painstaking restoration methods and rigorous quality standards that are utilized on the Marvel Masterworks line.

“The Marvel Special Projects team have even been developing some new techniques specifically for this project,” he continues. “These Miracleman issues will receive the most advanced restoration possible to ensure the most authentic reading experience,” says SVP of Marvel Publishing David Gabriel.

“The art is crisp, clear, and looks as good – if not better than the day it was published! Also, the stories are being completely re-lettered to meet today’s standards.”

 Miracleman (2014) #2 cover by Alan Davis

Miracleman (2014) #2 cover by Alan Davis

Making these stories available to an entirely new generation is one thing – but following the original groundbreaking run, the epic more than 30 years in the making will reach its cataclysmic conclusion with all-new Miracleman stories from Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham.

Long left unfinished, Gaiman and Buckingham’s famous storyline will ultimately see the light of day.

“The tragedy of Miracleman was that we published two issues, wrote three and a half – and then it all stopped,” Gaiman said, in an interview with “And Miracleman #25 has been sitting in the darkness – nobody has seen it. It was drawn, it was written, it was lettered over 20 years ago.”

“I love the idea that I will get to finish this story,” added Gaiman.

“That Neil and Bucky can finally finish the story they started, is a great relief to still-gasping fans — myself among them,” says Alonso.

Re-presented in serialized form, each issue of Miracleman will feature additional content including new art, interviews with the creators as well as new covers from some of the industry’s most legendary artists, including Alan Davis, some early episodes of the saga.

Miracleman #1 is on sale in print and digital in January 2014

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