Northern Ireland

2D or not 2D?

A quick reminder that 2D, the Northern Ireland Comics Festival, returns from 4th – 6th June this year in Derry / Londonderry, featuring some of the most creative comic talent around. The Festival will take place between The Verbal Arts… Read More ›

2D Returns to Derry

2D, The Northern Ireland Comics festival, will return this year and will take place from the 5th – 7th June in the Verbal Arts Centre and other locations here in Derry, Northern Ireland. The festival is organised by the Verbal… Read More ›

Diamond Dan

He may remain sartorially challenged but at least the Grand Orange Lodge’s superhero character now has a name. Back in November 2007 downthetubes reported on the nameless character who was being introduced via a competition to name him. Seven year… Read More ›