Torchwood – drawn by Paul Grist

Torchwood Magazine Issue 5 is on sale in the UK and Ireland today. If you’re in the US, you’ll have to wait just that little bit longer – the mag will be available from June 10.

Check out the magazine’s Facebook group page for exclusive teaser imagery from the new issue’s comic strip “Rift War.” I have to agree with comic artist Mike Collins, who I was talking to yesterday — comics editor Steve White has pulled off a masterstroke getting the brilliant Paul (Jack Staff, Kane) Grist to draw on the Torchwood strip, which this issue is written by Simon Furman.

“Rift War”, which began in Issue 3, is This issue Torchwood’s first big comic story arc, a ten-part epic (broken up into smaller, self-contained stories amidst the main thrust) that sees the team face an alien race led by the dread Sanctified, who have declared all-out war on humankind. Why?

“Because Torchwood, apparently, are to blame for a catastrophic future event, centered around the time and space spanning Rift, ” explains Simon via his blog, “one that wipes out an entire civilization. Can it be? Check out “Rift War” for the answers over the coming months. Superlative colour on the strip is by Kris Carter.

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