Tube Surfing: 15 December 2008

Warren Ellis has announced he will be writing a column for Conde Nast’s upcoming Wired UK magazine, edited by David Rowan, which launches next spring. “This attempt involves the services of Ben Hammersley, whose CV is twice as long as mine or yours and eighteen times as mad. And Ben Hammersley has engaged me as a monthly columnist for Wired UK, with an editorial mandate of, well, writing about anything I feel like writing about… This will be massive amounts of fun.”


The DFC: Frontier Page


• Hot on the heels of the launch of a web site promoting Mirabilis: The Year of Wonders, a new strip for The DFC, comes another trailing Frontier, described as a ‘weird wild west’ strip by Jason Cobley and Andrew Wildman.

• Talking of Mirabilis, which we plugged last week, there’s now a trailer for the strip on YouTube. Just in case you can’t see it below…



Blueberry artist Colin Wilson reveals a limited selection of his earlier art for 2000AD, Blueberry, Point Blank and The Losers etc (but, as yet, no Star Wars art) is now available to buy online. “Royd Burgoyne has kindly agreed to look after this for me,” he notes on his blog, “and the first selection of my work to be made available can now be seen at his online Comic Art Shop.

“I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few weeks sorting and cataloging my artwork from the 80’s and 90’s,” he notes. “There’s a lot of it, and I’ve been discovering things that I can’t even remember producing…. things like this.”

Cy Dethan has just posted an early version of Scott James’ cover for The Case Files of Harlan Falk #3, to be published next year by Markosia. Read more about this here

• Jennifer Contino of The Pulse has just interviewed Tony Lee on the upcoming MILF Magnet from Moonstone, with five or six teasers from the comic itself.

• (With thanks to Matthew Badham): Top US writer Mark Waid has begun blogging about comics wrting on the Kung Fu Monkey blog, which also features contributions from John Rogers and Michael Alan Nelson. “His first post is f****** gold,” enthuses Matt Badham.

• And finally, in my only acknowledgement so far for the season, Paul Cornell has posted a number of Christmas recipes from comic creators. These include suggestions from the likes of Frazer Irving, Andy Diggle and Joe Quesada. My all-time favourite comic creator recipe was that of Martin Skidmore, once editor of Fantasy Advertiser, for a BAPA mailing. “Go to the fish and chip shop. Buy some fish and chips. Eat them…”

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