Two issues of free British comics fandom-focused FANSCENE planned for 2021

Just one of several back issues of FANSCENE, which are all available to read for free as digital editions

Artist, editor and independent publisher David Hathaway-Price, has announced his plans for the next issues of the British comic fanzinefocused FANSCENE magazine. He’s hoping anyone who’s created or worked on zines over the past few decades will be keen to be involved in the new issues.

With six issues under his belt, David has already mined a rich seam of British comic history with previous issues of FANSCENE, covering a huge range of topics and themes.

“I’m going to take things slow and steady this year,” says David, who’s also keeper of the brilliant Classic UK Comic Zines online archive, “but if possible, I want to publish two issues of the zine.

The cover of 1980s strip zine SCAN Issue 43 by Davey Jones, today a stalwart of VIZ
The cover of 1980s strip zine SCAN Issue 43 by Davey Jones, today a stalwart of VIZ

The first of these issues will be a celebration of Strip zines, Comix, and the small press – and there have been plenty of those down the years.

“If you produced, were involved with, (or are now producing) a strip based fanzine over the last 50 years and have a story to tell, please get in touch,” David asks. “I’d also really like to see people update or revisit characters they created years ago, and depict them with their current skill level, or produce tribute pieces of other people’s creations.”

The deadline for Issue 7 will be 30th April 2021, so there’s a good four months to work on your contribution. Hopeful publication date being the end of May.

Fantasy Advertser Montage

Providing no-one objects, FANSCENE Issue 8 will be a celebration of all things Fantasy Advertiser, as 2021 will mark ten years since the last Print issue of the long-running and hugely popular British comic zine appeared.

“The title itself straddles the whole history of British comics fandom,” David notes, “and I’d love to involve as many people who loved the zine as possible, be it staff, contributors, readers or rivals.”

The deadline for this issue will be 30th June 2021, for a publication date of early August.

“As this is being announced so early, it means that people have six months to work on their articles, so hopefully that’s plenty of time for everyone who wants to contribute to put something together,” says David.

In addition to FANSCENE, David is also looking at the creation of some other projects, including what would basically be an A to Z of Comics zines, with some cover reproductions, basic information, etc.

“It might be useful as a primer for my History of Fandom book, or even as a stand alone mag/book,” he suggests

“The main zine itself, and the archive site, is going to be the main priority this year, though, so anything else will be a bonus.

“I will of course also try to get the print versions made available.”

• If you’d be interested in being part of the next issues of FANSCENE, then head over to the Classic UK Comic Zines site, download past issues of FANSCENE and get in touch with David direct. Plus, check out the massive archive of past zines he’s built – a treasure trove of British comics fandom!

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