2000AD Online Makeover Nears Completion

The 2000AD Online web site seems to have almost completed its month-long makeover, with a cleaner layout that integrates more obvious links to some of Rebellion’s other services such as ipod comic site Clickwheel.

“About a year ago, we had a sit down and a discussion with regards to the future of the website,” explains Julian Hall, one of the 2000AD web team in a post about about the changes on the site’s forum, “and decided that we loved the content, but we wanted to make changes to the structure and the design. The main problem was time.”

Time indeed — the site has been in transition for a while, but the results speak for themselves, with the final version set to offer the latest news on 2000AD, Judge Dredd: The Megazine and the Rebellion graphic novels, an expanded community forum and an online history to the comic.

Not yet live at time of posting are updated versions of the familiar character and creator sections, which are still in progress, as are more news and community watch features.

Julian says there’s still time for registered users of the 2000AD Online Forum to offer suggestions for new features.

“I stress that nothing can be too big or too small a request to ask for. While we can’t guarantee that ever single request will get added, we’ll be working on the basis of doing the most important or the most asked for requests to be added first and work from there.”

He also urges fans concerned by the transition to be patient. “While change can be dramatic, we’re hoping that you’ll all want to contribute to shaping the site the way you all want it!”

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