32 Years in the Making! Phil Elliott releases “Tales from Gimbley” collection

"In His Cups" by Phil Elliott


After 32 years in the making, Phil Elliott, one of the first “alternative” British artists I encountered in the 1980s through the pages of Escape, has just released a complete 184-page collection of his long-running “Tales from Gimbley” comic strips.

“Tales From Gimbley” is one of Phil’s longest-running projects. He first started drawing them in 1982 and they have been printed around the world, but most of them appeared in his own self-published titles. The comics had very limited print-runs so many of the strips you’ll find in this collection– In His Cups – may well have eluded even the most die hard of Phil’s fans.

Phil has been active in the comic book industry since the mid 1970’s. He launched and co-edited the Fast Fiction fanzine in the 1980s with Paul Gravett and Peter Stanbury and was a regular contributor to the influential UK comics magazine, Escape.

Phil’s other work includes Illegal Alien, written by James Robinson; Lucifer with Eddie Campbell; writing Absent Friends for Paul Grist; Tupelo with Matt DeGennaro and illustrating Glenn Dakin’s Greenhouse Warriors, Mr Night and The Rockpool Files .

Phil has also appeared in the award-winning Aces Weekly, Marvel UK’s The Real Ghostbusters and Power Rangers magazine and many other comics and magazines published by the likes of Dark Horse, DC, Fantagraphics, Image and Rebellion. He’s also coloured Doctor Who comics for IDW Publishing and Torchwood for Titan Books.

Phil is currently working on new projects, yet to be announced. You can find out more about these and his amazing career in comics on his official web site: www.elliott-design.com

• In His Cups can be ordered from lulu – here – www.lulu.com/spotlight/phil_elliott – £7.95 for the paperback and £2.00 for PDF. It’s available from all global lulu stores

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