New Dan Dare Strategy Game Announced

Image for illustration only (not box cover) Image: © Chris Thompson

Image for illustration only (not box cover) Image: © Chris Thompson

Newark-based Ergo Sum Games has announced the upcoming release of a Dan Dare: Adventures in Space strategy game.

Due for release in October 2016, Dan Dare: Adventures in Space is a strategy game for 2-6 players, for ages 12 & up.

“The original Dan Dare is back.,” the games maker, whose other games include New Earth and Alien Skies, say in a web site statement. 

“Britain’s favourite sci-fi hero is finally here in a board game extravaganza. All the main characters are represented in retro space adventures based on the original stories and escapades in a time when the solar system was teeming with alien life – some good and some very, very bad…”
Founded in 2013 by CEO & entrepreneur Nicholas J Higgins, Ergo Sum Games offers “the best in independent British design and quality, and aims to become one of the premier publishers in the ‘designer’ board games industry.,” the company states.

“ESG’s objective is to garner a reputation for innovative gameplay and quality components, thoughtful and fun gaming experiences, and the associated learning that comes with it. ESG’s overarching mission is to create an enduring legacy in the field of ‘designer’ board games.”
• Ergo Sum Games is online at

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