SF adventure “Geysers of Titan”, drawn by Doctor Who Adventures’ Russ Leach, continues in Aces Weekly

"Geysers of Titan", a strip drawn by Doctor Who Adventures artist Russ Leach, written by Petri Hanninem, lettered by Sam Roads
“Geysers of Titan”, a strip drawn by Doctor Who Adventures artist Russ Leach, written by Petri Hanninen, lettered by Sam Roads

The latest volume of David Lloyd‘s Aces Weekly is available now and Volume 27 continues to be one of the most rip-roaring yet. For me, for example, it’s inevitable I’d be drawn to “Geysers of Titan“, an SF strip set on Titan, drawn by Doctor Who Adventures artist Russ Leach, written by Petri Hanninen, lettered by Sam Roads.

As if downthetubes readers needed reminding, Aces Weekly is the multi-award-winning, exclusively digital-delivery comic art magazine published by David Lloyd. Every Monday the team send serials and short stories straight to your tablet, laptop, desktop – and Smart TV – in seven-week volumes featuring top talent from across the globe.

They’ve won the Best Digital Comic prize in the Pipedream annual poll, Best Web-Based Comic in True Believers Awards, and they’re listed by Best Web Comics in the 100 Best Webcomics Of All Time.

This volume, Batton Lash takes readers back to a post-apocalypse world in “First Gentlemen of the Apocalypse” that’s nothing like any others you’ve seen; “Sicarios” by Roberto Corroto and Ertito Montana gives us another pacy crime yarn with the usual bizarre added ingredients in a new story that finds leads Phil and Riot Girl in the heart of Texas; and “The Flight” by Jeff Vaughn and Brendon and Brian Fraim reminds us that leaving our troubles behind us is not always as easy as just leaving the place where they happen to be: and in “Boom! Nowhere” by Katie Cunningham and Heather Fisher, in a flooded Earth of the future, salvage crew member, Izzy, finds a robot relic of the past that the team decide to sell for scrap. But the robot has other ideas…

Plus, the biggest, craziest heist in the weird world of fantastic adventure gets under way in “The Big Hit” from Jok LP and Rodolfo Santullo!

Aces Weekly Volume 27, running now i s just a £1 per week subscription (a price that includes all future volumes forever) and also includes work by Heather Fisher, Katie Cunningham plus the amazing, David Leach, with the return of… no… no.. yes! Psycho Gran! Buy it now at www.acesweekly.co.uk/shop

There’s more about “Geysers of Titan” here on Facebook

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