In Review: Colossie Issue One (Vault Comics)

Colossi Issue One - Cover

Colossi Issue One
Script by Ricardo Mo
Art by Alberto Muriel
Colours by Stelladia
Letters by HdE
Full Colour – Published by Vault Comics – $3.99

The Book: When Trans Atmos Shuttle 34 disappears into a wormhole, its pilot and passengers are launched into an adventure of gigantic proportions. Lost in an oversized parallel universe, the group must put aside their differences and unite to survive a hostile environment. But the biggest threat they’ll face is the one that hitched a ride on Shuttle 34.’

Colossi Issue One - Preview 1

The Review: When you hear that Ricardo Mo (a Bournemouth-located comics writer) or Alberto Muriel (an artist from Bilbao) are appearing in the pages of a comic book, you know that this is going to be a smart package. I was lucky enough to read and review their work on Propeller and interview Ricardo here a couple of years ago, so I was chuffed to get this new comic they collaborated on, published by Vault Comics.

Colossi Issue One - Preview 2

I think this may be my favourite of their work so far. (As soon as I saw the nun getting killed by a giant scorpion I was fully on board!)

What Ricardo and the other creators do is spin a story that is at first glance a cross between the old Land of the Giants TV series and some new school Image Comics style science fiction goodness. This on its own would have easily been enough for me to spend my money, but what they also do is mix in some nice comedy and satire, the town that’s the focus of much of the action being called Tolerance for starters, and some foreshadowing for what is actually going on that I will let you discover for yourself. (You sense that the town full of giants is not what you might have at first suspected it to be…)

This new and old entanglement really gets you thinking and the mix of characters is a big part of why I enjoyed it. Ricardo doesn’t pull any punches in who lives and dies and I feel that apprehension as I read along. You get a sense of all the players and the back stories that we might see if they live or die.

Let me also add that this comic is FUNKY AS F***! (and I mean that in a good way).

Colossi Issue One - Preview 3

Alberto Muriel on art is growing into a more stylised artist since I last saw him but still retains the lean and cool looking characters we saw in Propeller. He understands the mood of the piece and the flashes of sudden violence are dealt with deftly. He has designed some great looking characters as well and I was never for a moment at a loss about who was who, each has their own (dare I say it) cool 1970s vibe to them. I am keen to see much more by this artist.

Stallardia is also well worthy of a mention for the use of colour and shadow in the ‘creeping about at night scenes.’

I highly recommend that you give this book a go!

• Find out more about this issue and grab yourselves a copy at the Vault Comics website here | Follow Vault Comics on Twitter @thevaultcomics

• Have a look at what else Ricardo Mo has bubbling at his Comixology page here or on Twitter here

• Also well worth a look is more of the gorgeous art that Alberto is producing at his website here

Many thanks for reading.


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