New Doctor Who Adventures Out Now – We’ll Shout that ’til we’re Horse!

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 23 - CoverDoctor Who Adventures Issue 23 is in sale now from Panini, and I’m delighted to report that the Doctor is still battling aliens accompanied by an alien talking horse.

(Not that it wouldn’t be great to have new companion Bill in the strip – she gets an introductory UNIT “Alien Archive” feature this issue – but a talking horse is simply great fun!)

In this issue:

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 23 - Killer App Strip
• “Killer App” The Doctor and Jata battle an alien that wouldn’t look out of place in a story from One Thousand and One Nights. Andrew Cartmel drops in some nice gags for older readers alongside a fun adventure drawn by Russ Leach, coloured by John Burns and lettered by Caroline Dunk

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 23 - The Inscrutable Illusionist

• “The Inscrutable Illusionist” – the Paternoster gang meet the Lumiere brothers as “moving pictures” come to London. But who’s tgeir mysterious new business partner? Story by Kieron Moore, illustrated by Russ Leach, coloured by John Burns

Cyber Dalek Wars – Choose your side and go blaster to blaster for the conquest of our solar system!

Shoal of the Winter Harmony Brain – make your own brain in a jar… just don’t spill any brain fluid!

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 23 - Bill Potts Feature

UNIT Alien Archive – Bill Potts in the spotlight

Twisted Conundrums – the Doctor has some more fiendish puzzles for readers!

Doctor and Bill Pin-Up (oh, and Nardole, looking terrified!)

Strax’s A-Z of Everything – the Kandyman and Krynoids in the spotlight

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 23 - The Adventures of Strax and The Time Shark

• “The Adventures of Strax and The Time Shark” Grant Perkins pulls out every cheesy joke he can think of (I mean that in a good way!) in this daft chase through the TARDIS

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 23 - Conunudrum Cube
What is the Conunudrum Cube?

On sale now in all good newsagents for £3.99, Doctor Who Adventures comes with a “Conundrum Cube” gift. No, we’re not sure about that either, but you can’t give away Daleks and Sonic Screwdrivers on every issue.

Talking of free gifts, though, if you’re curious about how they’re chosen, DWA editor Jason Quinn reveals how in the new Doctor Who Special Edition – Toys & Games, which is a terrific guide to Doctor Who merchandise down the years. There’s some fascinating stuff about Dalekmania, Dapol, the 1970s Leela figure myths are dispelled, the secrets behind the creation of the War of the Daleks game and more.

You’ll be muttering “I had one of those!” Before you know it! Out now.

Jason Quinn ponders the mysterious long "limbed" Dalek given away free with Doctor Who Adventures...
Jason Quinn ponders the mysterious long “limbed” Dalek given away free with Doctor Who Adventures…

Doctor Who Special Edition - Toys & Games - Cover

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