Rebellion announces “The Dracula Files” collection from British horror weekly, Scream

The Dracula Files - Rebellion Publishing Cover by Chris Weston

Continuing with collections made in part possible by its acquisition of the Fleetway comics and characters library last year, Rebellion has announced it will release The Dracula Files, from the short-lived 1980s horror weekly Scream, in October.

This hardback collection features a terrific new cover, drawing not only on the strip itself but classic versions of Dracula, from Bela Lugosi to Christopher Lee from Judge Dredd artist Chris Weston.

In The Dracula Files, KGB officer Colonel Stakis desperately hunts for Count Dracula, who is spreading terror in 1980s Britain after escaping from behind the Iron Curtain.

Blending Cold War paranoia with horror staples, Gerry Finley-Day and Eric Bradbury’s strip overcame sustained attempts at censorship to become one of the most popular strips in the 1980s’ best horror comics.

Dracula enjoys a bloodthirsty snack at the cinema in this episode of "The Dracula Files", which first appeared in Scream Issue 4 in 1984.

Dracula enjoys a bloodthirsty snack at the cinema in this episode of “The Dracula Files”, which first appeared in Scream Issue 4 in 1984.

Mingling with guests at a fancy dress party, it's not long before Dracula chooses his next unsuspecting victim!

Mingling with guests at a fancy dress party, it’s not long before Dracula chooses his next unsuspecting victim!

Written By Gerry Finley Day (Rogue Trooper) and Simon Furman (Transformers), with art by the brilliant Eric Bradbury, the series successfully blended action adventure, horror and black humour.

A pilot during World War Two, while well-known for his adventure comics work Eric Bradbury actually began his comics career drawing “Our Ernie” and other funny characters for Knockout in 1949. His early adventure comic credits include “Luck Logan” and “Buffalo Bill” for Comet, but he’s probably best known for his work on “Mytek the Mighty”, “The House of Dolmann” for Valiant and “Doomlord” for the 1980’s New Eagle.

The sumptuous hardback collection from the new Treasury of British Comics line from Rebellion Publishing arrives in book and comic book stores in October.

This collection nicely complements Rebellion’s other Scream-related collection, Monster, released last year and will have a much wider distribution than the softback collection of the story previously published by Hibernia. It’s another great addition to the Treasury, with terrific art by Eric Bradbury.

Plus, who couldn’t resist that cover from Chris Weston? He’s of course not only a stalwart of 2000AD and DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint but has also worked on films such as The Book of Eli and the sadly-canned live-action adaptation of Akira).

Well worth looking out for!

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