TwoMorrows Jack Kirby tribute debuts this month

Marking the centennial of US comic artist Jack Kirby‘s birth, TwoMorrows Publishing and Jack Kirby Collector magazine will release KIRBY100 later this month, an incredible tribute to the influential artist and writer featuring articles by 100 top comic creators, including Britain’s Dave GibbonsDavid Lloyd and Barry Windsor-Smith.

The 224-page full colour trade paperback, edited by John Morrow and Jon B. Cooke is crammed with art and memories of the man who helped make Marvel the success it is today, and includes plenty of tantalising snippets about unpublished and unrealised projects from an incredible creator.

KIRBY100, a full-colour visual holiday for the King of comics wrapped in a Kirby cover inked by Mike Royer, features an all-star line-up of 100 comics pros who critique key images from Kirby’s 50-year career, admiring his page layouts, dramatics, and storytelling skills, and lovingly reminiscing about their favourite characters and stories. 

Featured are Bruce Timm, Alex Ross, Drew Friedman, Walter Simonson, John Byrne, Joe Sinnott, Steve Rude, Adam Hughes, Wendy Pini, John Romita Sr., Dave Gibbons, P. Craig Russell, and dozens more of the top names in comics.

“Their essays serve to honour Jack’s place in comics history, and prove (as if there’s any doubt) that Kirby is King! ” the publishers enthuse.

KIRBY100 (ISBN-13: 978-1-60549-078-6 ISBN-10: 1-60549-078-4) is available direct from TwoMorrow Publishing or by order from your local comic shop – Diamond Comic Distributors Order Code: MAY1719

Featured artists: Michael Allred • Rick Altergott • Brent Anderson • John Backderf • Kyle Baker • Allen Bellman • Simon Bisley • Steve Bissette • Bill Black • Dan Brereton • Rich Buckler • Bob Budiansky • Bob Burden • Sal Buscema • John Byrne • Giorgio Comolo • Paris Cullins • Alan Davis • Evan Dorkin • Jan Duursema • Kevin Eastman • Drew Friedman • Cliff Galbraith • Dave Gibbons • Keith Giffen • Michael T. Gilbert • Al Gordon • Larry Hama • Dean Haspiel • Fred Hembeck • Rick Hoberg • John Holmstrom • Richard Howell • Adam Hughes • Kelley Jones • Dan Jurgens • Paul Karasik • Peter Kuper • Ladronn • Erik Larsen • Batton Lash • Garry Leach • John Paul Leon • Joseph Michael Linsner • David Lloyd • Tom Mandrake • Brendan McCarthy • Scott McCloud • Bob McLeod • Will Meugniot • Al Milgrom • Steve Mitchell • Terry Moore • Bill Morrison • Dean Motter • Glen Murakami • Rudy Nebres • Dustin Nguyen • Graham Nolan • Michael Avon Oeming • Jerry Ordway • Rick Parker • Wendy Pini • Ed Piskor • Peter Poplaski • Carl Potts • George Pratt • Paul Rivoche • John Romita Sr. • Alex Ross • Mike Royer • Steve Rude • Mark Schultz • Tom Scioli • Marie Severin • Scott Shaw! • Bill Sienkiewicz • Dave Sim • Walter Simonson • Joe Sinnott • Paul Smith • Jim Starlin • Joe Staton • Ken Steacy • William Stout • Philip Tan • Bruce Timm • Jim Valentino • Rick Veitch • José Villarrubia • Trevor Von Eeden • Mike Vosburg • Alan Weiss • Shannon Wheeler • Barry Windsor-Smith • Jim Woodring • John Workman • William Wray • Thomas Yeates • Craig Yoe • Jeff Zapata

John Freeman

The founder of downthetubes, John describes himself as is a "freelance comics operative", currently working as a freelance editor for TITAN COMICS, as Creative Consultant on the new DAN DARE audio adventures for B7 Media, and on promotional work for the LAKES INTERNATIONAL COMIC ART FESTIVAL and LANCASTER COMICS DAY. John has worked in British comics publishing for over 30 years, starting out at Marvel UK, where he edited a number of the Genesis 1992 books with Paul Neary. His numerous credits include editor of titles such as Doctor Who Magazine at Marvel and Star Trek Magazine and Babylon 5 Magazine at Titan Magazines, where he was Managing Editor. He also edited STRIP Magazine and worked as an editor on several audio comics for ROK Comics, including TEAM M.O.B.I.L.E. and THE BEATLES STORY. Most recently he is writing CRUCIBLE as a creator-owned project with 2000AD artist Smuzz, published on Tapastic; and DEATH DUTY and SKOW DOGS with Dave Hailwood for the digital comic 100% Biodegradable.

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