Garth from the Daily Mirror
Art by Frank Bellamy

Strip dates given are those of their original appearance in the British newspaper the Daily Mirror, first compiled by Geoffrey Wren and Ann Holmes and updated by Ant Jones and Philip Harbottle


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No Story Writer Artist Date Code Number of strips Reprinted
1 Garth

Writer: Don Freeman & Stephen Dowling

Artist: Stephen Dowling & John Allard

Published: 24th July January 1943 – 11th March 1944 (B175 – C61)

Number of Episodes: 197

The opening adventure was set in a mythical “Lost Horizon” type of world. Creator Steve Dowling was an admirer of Milton Caniff’s Terry and the Pirates, and its mysterious Far Eastern setting. “

Lashed to a raft, after days adrift, delirious and suffering from partial amnesia, Garth is washed up on a strange shore. Here he is found by an attractive native girl, Gala, who administer the kiss of life.

Gala is a member of an underground opposed to the tyrannical rule of a High Priest, who plans to invade a neighbour country. Garth agrees to help her cause by pretending to act as a figurehead ruler under the High Priest.

Using his great strength and cunning, Garth defeats the tyrant and his murderous High Priestess Ola, and helps Gala’s father find his long-lost daughter. Garth then travels on by balloon, hoping to reach western civilisation and restore his memory.

Synopsis by Philip Harbottle

DF/SD SD/JA 24/7/43 – 11/3/44 B175 – C61 197
2 Children of the Dawn

Writer: Don Freeman

Artist: Stephen Dowling & John Allard

Published: 13th March 1944 – 5th August 1944 (C62 – C186)

Number of Episodes: 125

Garth’s balloon crashes in icy mountains, and he encounters an isolated race of cave people. He rescues a girl from a ritual sacrifice (whom he christens ‘Dawn’) and teaches her rudimentary English. Dawn wants Garth as her mate! Embarrassed by her attentions, Garth moves on down river in a log canoe, rescuing the beautiful dark-haired Karen Karolenskaya from drowning. Karen is hard and sophisticated, the antithesis of the clinging Dawn. She introduces Garth to Professor Jules Lumiere, the leader of her scientific expedition that includes a Japanese explorer looking for mammoth remains.

Garth shows Lumiere the lost tribe, and they are joined by the besotted Dawn, to the cynical amusement of Karen (who also has designs on Garth). They find an entire mammoth preserved in a glacier, and after Garth saves the party (with Karen’s help) from the treacherous Japanese, they transport the mammoth (encased in ice) back to Lumiere’s island laboratory.

Synopsis by Philip Harbottle

DF SD/JA 13/3/44 – 5/8/44 C62 – C186 125
3 The Island Laboratory

Writer: Don Freeman

Artist: Stephen Dowling & John Allard

Published: 7th August 1944 – 16th September 1944 (C187 – C222)

Number of Episodes: 36

With this story the plotline develops into science fiction. Arrived at Lumiere’s island, Garth finds an ultra-modern scientific research centre, Dawn is dressed in modern clothing and continues her education — and her rivalry with Karen for Garth’s affections. Lumiere carries out a successful experiment to resuscitate the frozen mammoth, which runs amok. Only Garth’s strength saves the party.

Lumiere then offers to help Garth regain his memory by putting him under the influence of his ‘recapitulator’, an electronic gizmo designed to put those under its influence into a trance, when they will experience their past lives as a speeded-up dream. Garth is to relive his past reincarnations up to the moment when he lost his memory.

Lumiere warns that during moments of crisis or peril, he must utter the Indian evocation “KARMA” in order to pass safely to his next existence. Karen and Dawn also volunteer to share Garth’s trance.

Synopsis by Philip Harbottle


DF SD/JA 7/8/44 – 16/9/44 C187 – C222 36
4 The Seven Ages of Garth

Writer: Don Freeman

Artist: Stephen Dowling & John Allard

Published: 8th September 1944 – 20th January 1946 (C23 – E17)

Number of Episodes: 413

In this epic story, Garth is regressed back into seven former lives. He adventures variously as a British slave during the Roman occupation of Britain, a 12th century Crusader, a participant in the Wars of the Roses, an Elizabethan sea captain, a Cavalier fighting the Roundheads, and in a climactic final previous life he is an Englishman caught up in the French Revolution. In each segment, Garth lives the last weeks of an earlier life as a man of that period in time and he finally comes to a bloody and heroic death.

Thanks to Lumiere’s foresight, Garth is conditioned to visualise the word ‘KARMA’ at the moment of death, enabling him to jump to his next life. Throughout the tales, Karen and Dawn (avariciousness and virtue respectively) share Garth’s lives in their own earlier incarnations.

Written during the exigencies of wartime, these fascinating stories are both frank and brutal.

Synopsis by Philip Harbottle

DF SD/JA 18/9/44 – 20/1/46 C223 – E17 413
5 The Saga of Garth

Writer: Don Freeman

Artist: Stephen Dowling & John Allard

Published: 22nd January 1946 – 20th July 1946 (E18 – E171)

Number of Episodes: 154

In this last phase of his trance, Garth relives his earliest years in the present.

Shipwrecked off the island of Thule, the baby Garth is washed ashore in a crib with a strangely inscribed sword. He is adopted by Ragnar, leader of a community descended from Vikings, and his wife Thora. With his great strength of mind and body as he matures, Garth seems destined to succeed Ragnar as leader.

Ragnar’s renegade brother, Sven, leads a gang who loot wrecks washed up on the isle. Enraged to discover his daughter Gerda plans to marry Garth, Sven tries to shoot him. Seeing his action, Gerda runs to warn Garth — straight into the line of fire. Garth kills Sven in retribution, and buries Gerda where she died, along with the sword found in his crib.

Synopsis by Philip Harbottle


DF SD/JA 22/1/46 – 20/7/46 E18 – E171 154
6 The Awakening of Garth

Writer: Don Freeman

Artist: Stephen Dowling & Dick Hailstone

Published: 22nd July 1946 – 19th October 1946 (C172 – E249)

Number of Episodes: 78

Garth joins the Royal Navy, to fight the Nazis. His ship is sunk in the China Seas, and he abandons ship on a raft, eventually being washed up on a strange shore to be found by Gala.

His memory restored, Garth has Lumiere fly him to Thule, to see his adoptive parents. Lumiere’s mystic ray has imbued Garth’s body with an electro-magnetic energy, causing any electric machinery near him to cut out. These powers enable Garth to prevent the government from turning Thule into a radio and electronics centre, and return control of the island to Ragnar.

Karen and Dawn have followed Garth, but still mourning Gerda, he tells them he is not interested. Rebuffed, Karen flies off, leaving Dawn behind. Lumiere perforce becomes her guardian.

Because of his unique powers, Garth is then recruited as a special agent by the foreign office to undertake a top-secret mission in India…

Synopsis by Philip Harbottle

DF SD/DH 22/7/46 – 19/10/46 E172 – E249 78
7 The Quest of the G-Ray

Writer: Don Freeman

Artist: Stephen Dowling & Dick Hailstone

Published: 21st October 1946 – 26th April 1947 (E250 – F99)

Number of Episodes: 159

British Intelligence tells Garth that a Russian scientist, Oscar Villani, has established a scientific citadel behind an energy barrier in a remote area of India. He is working on applications of the same electro-magnetic energy suffusing Garth (the “G-Ray”) to threaten the world. Only Garth can penetrate the energy barrier. Lumiere puts Dawn in a Finishing School and accompanies Garth on his mission to neutralise Villani. Captain Stark, a double agent (working for Villani), captures Dawn fleeing the Finishing School and learns of Garth’s mission. Posing as a British agent, he accompanies them, with Dawn disguised as Ali, his Indian boy servant

Stark plans to overpower Garth and deliver him to Villani so he can learn from him the secret of his G-Ray powers. Stark’s brutality to Dawn causes her to reveal Stark’s treachery, but Stark succeeds in shooting and wounding Lumiere and trapping Garth in a deep animal-trap pit.

Then, unexpectedly, enter Karen, engaged on the same mission as Garth, but working for the Russians. After aiding Lumiere to recover and then rescuing Garth from the pit, she joins forces with him. Stark is killed, but Dawn is captured by Villani.

Posing as a defector willing to assist him, Karen gains Villani’s confidence. She learns that he has built the Brain, a fantastic electronic computer, with which he is able to keep the superstitious locals in subjection. Garth penetrates the citadel to rescue Dawn. Expecting his attack, Villani has programmed the Brain to hate and destroy Garth by projecting deadly G-Rays—only to get in its line of fire and be destroyed himself.

Synopsis by Philip Harbottle

DF SD/DH 21/10/46 – 26/4/47 E250 – F99 159
8 Garth Versus The Brain

Writer: Don Freeman

Artist: Stephen Dowling and Dick Hailstone

Published: 28th April 1947 – 15th August 1947 (F100 – F194)

Number of Episodes: 95

Having wrested control of Villani’s citadel, Garth invites the formerly oppressed local people to occupy it. But as Villani died the Brain had absorbed from his mind all his cunning and guile. Garth gradually loses the radiant energy from his body, but the immobile Brain still retains it, and the power to destroy assailants entering its machine room.

Garth activates a switch operating a super-metal insulating door to the room, so there is a stand-off.

The Brain broadcasts sound waves throughout the city and outside, exhorting the brutal Janus, Villani’s former Janissary whom Garth had exiled, to gain recruits to attack the city and kill Garth.

Garth realizes the Brain is vulnerable to a dynamite explosion from the cellars beneath it, and risking his life succeeds in blowing it up. Janus is killed in a final showdown with Garth, thanks to an invention of Lumiere’s derived from the insulated door.

Synopsis by Philip Harbottle


DF SD/DH 28/4/47 – 15/8/47 F100 – F194 95
9 Deep Waters

Writer: Don Freeman

Artist: Stephen Dowling and Dick Hailstone

Published: 16th August 1947 – 24th January 1948 (F195 – G21)

Number of Episodes: 137

Scientists worldwide are researching the G-ray, following Lumiere’s discovery that it can be maintained with glaucosite, a mineral found only on the ocean floor, its purity increasing at greater depths. Glaucosite has been discovered off Crater Island in the Indian Ocean. Spurned by Garth, Karen elects to join her own government’s mission there. Soon afterwards Garth and Lumiere are similarly engaged by the British government.

En route with Dawn, their plane is attacked by another flyer and shot down over the ocean. Garth catches a glimpse of one of his attackers—a white bearded man. They are rescued by a passing British government ship, the “Research.” Captain Steel informs them that he is bringing scientific equipment for Lumiere to Crater Island. On arrival they find many nations on the same mission, and in the international saloon bar they come across Karen, who faints at the sight of Garth.

At the quayside Garth sees the white-haired man disembarking from a private yacht. Steel identifies him as Baron Von Grimm, a “harmless” hermit author studying folklore. Before Garth can challenge him, they learn that some presumed monster in the deeps has been decapitating divers. On his first undersea exploration Garth catches a glimpse of figures lurking in a marine forest, but is then attacked by a giant swordfish.

Meanwhile, Von Grimm encounters Karen who challenges his earlier story to her about witnessing Garth’s plane crash through mechanical failure.

Garth vanquishes the fish and returns to the surface convinced that the divers were killed by a human agency. Whilst Lumiere is assembling an apparatus to adapt Garth’s body to withstand pressures at greater depths, Garth follows Karen as she visits Von Grimm’s private estate. He pretends to be a writer, descended from the famous German brothers. Karen discovers he is lying, but before she can warn Garth she is badly concussed. Garth rushes her to hospital, then rejoins Lumiere, who adapts his body to withstand pressures at greater depths than other divers can go.

Garth descends to the deeps, but is drawn by a powerful current into a submarine cave beneath a volcanic island known as Moaning Isle. Here he discovers the wreck of a ship, before returning to the surface. News of his discovery reaches Von Grimm, whose men have been killing divers before they can discover the cave entrance. The wreck has a cargo of gold bullion, which Von Grimm is planning to salvage.

After Garth makes his third descent, the now-recovered Karen volunteers to receive Lumiere’s de-pressurising treatment, so she can warn Garth. In the deeps she aids Garth in battling with Von Grimm’s men, shooting one, whilst Garth decapitates another killer with his own sword.

Pursued by the “Research” Von Grimm’s yacht enters a cleft too narrow for the larger vessel to follow, so Garth and Karen swim ashore to locate its hiding place. They are ambushed by Von Grimm and his band of Lascars. In the ensuing struggle, Garth hurls Von Grimm into the creek, to his presumed death. However he survives and is picked up by his yacht, which returns to Crater Island. Here he recruits some unscrupulous characters from the other expeditions to aid him in salvaging the gold. He is observed by Dawn, whom he kidnaps and takes back to his estate, instructing his men go ahead of him to Moaning Isle.

Returned to Crater Island, Garth sets off for Von Grimm’s estate in search of Dawn. As Garth fights his servant, Von Grimm’s bungalow is set on fire, and Von Grimm escapes, carrying Dawn over his shoulder. Pursued by Garth, he plunges over the rim of an extinct volcano. Garth believes he has committed suicide—taking Dawn with him!


Synopsis by Philip Harbottle

DF SD/DH 16/8/47 – 24/1/48 F195 – G21 137
10 Into the Abyss

Writer: Don Freeman

Artist: Stephen Dowling and Dick Hailstone

Published: 26th January 1948 – 10th April 1948 (G22 – G86)

Number of Episodes: 65

Lumiere plans to salvage the gold by descending from the “Research” in a bathysphere, from which Garth can swim to the wreck and attach cables to the gold chests. Special apparatus will then draw both gold and Garth back to the bathysphere against the current.

Whilst these preparations are made outside the cave entrance, Von Grimm’s men have neared the cave by descending from the surface down a network of lava tunnels, to await Von Grimm’s arrival. He has fooled Garth by descending hidden steps inside the crater.

However, the powerful current drags not only Garth but the bathyscape containing Lumiere and Karen, into the flooded cave. It strikes and jolts the wreck like a cannon ball, uncorking another shaft up which they are ejected in a waterspout into a cave above. The jolted wreck settles back, resealing the shaft. Basalt pillars in the caves impregnated with glowing glaucosite provide the underground with illumination.

Garth frees the dazed Lumiere and Karen from the battered bathysphere, and then explores the network of tunnels alone, seeking a way out. With his knife he carves a trail on the walls, to find the way back.

Von Grimm, with his captive Dawn, has rejoined his men. He leaves her with them whilst seeking his old escape route from the cave of the gold ship. As he and Garth converge in the tunnels, Garth is suddenly attacked by a gigantic spider emerging from a hole in the rock walls. Observing Garth’s death struggle, Vin Grimm decides to follow his marked trail, which leads him to Lumiere and Karen. He overhears Lumiere telling Karen of his plan to raise the gold ship to the surface of the Isle by dropping depth charges, forcing it up the shaft on a waterspout. He ties them up at gunpoint, then goes to rejoin his men and implement Lumiere’s explosives plan.

Meanwhile, with his knife and super strength, Garth fights free of the spiders, and then rescues Dawn from Von Grimm’s gang. Von Grimm returns, and as Garth closes with him, a recovered gangster smashes a rifle butt on his head, stunning him. During the struggles another giant spider has dragged Dawn back to its lair. Leaving Garth for dead, Von Grimm and his men return to the cave and set their explosives before withdrawing to the safety of their camp above. Lumiere and Karen are left behind to die in the explosion.

As Garth recovers he hears Dawn’s cries, and finds her embedded in a vast web: the spider—its normal prey bats—has stored her in its larder. Garth kills the spider and slashes Dawn free. They return to the cave just in time to free Lumiere and Karen, dodging beneath a rock archway as the depth charges explode. The explosion is heard up above by Grimm, and also by Captain Steel and his men, who have landed on the island to search for Garth.

Grimm leads his men to the surface to find the wreck. Below, Garth snatches a lifeboat swept from the wreck, and his party are able to sail it on the swiftly rising waters up the lava tunnels to the surface.

Up above, Von Grimm slips into a ravine now filling with the rising sea. His frightened men abandon him. Von Grimm struggles to a ledge—only to be devoured by a giant spider! Garth and his party discover the wreck now floating on the surface, whilst Captain Steel’s men capture the gangsters as they emerge, before picking up Garth’s party and returning triumphantly to Crater Island.

Synopsis by Philip Harbottle



DF SD/DH 26/1/48 – 10/4/48 G22 – G86 65
11 Olympic Champion

Writer: Don Freeman

Artist: Stephen Dowling and Dick Hailstone

Published: 12th April 1948 – 20th September 1948 (G87 – G225)

Number of Episodes: 139

Whilst working with Lumiere on Crater Island, Garth is invited at short notice to compete in the 1948 London Olympic Games. Lumiere offers to fly Garth in his new rocket plane, accompanied by Karen and Dawn. But the still experimental plane flies off course and crashes in a lake in a lost valley where a colony of Greeks have preserved their old way of life since the fourth century.

Emerging safely from the lake thanks to Lumiere’s patent escape hatch, they are attacked by Greek soldiers who mistake them as Persian invaders. Garth repulses them with his prodigious strength, but without causing any fatalities, earning their respect.

Their advent has been observed by Colchas, a priest to the oracle of Apollo. Pythia, the Oracle’s priestess, is enamoured of Garth, so she pronounces that he has been sent by the Gods to compete in their Olympiad.

Garth goes along with the story to give Lumiere time to enlist the help of Colchas to recover his plane from the lake. Colchas knows their origin and wishes to preserve the colony’s isolation.

The local culture demands that whilst in training for the games, Garth is separated from Karen and Dawn, who are placed under virtual house arrest by Milo, Captain of the Guard who is plotting to overthrow the government. His plan depends on his winning at the Games, so he arranges for an archer to assassinate Garth. Dawn is able to foil the attempt by dropping a heavy vase on to the archer’s head, killing him before he can fire his arrow. Milo has Dawn arrested for murder. He is enamoured of Karen, who plays up to him to learn his plans, and warns Garth. His and Lumiere’s intervention at Dawn’s trial clears her.

Garth duly wins the Games—and helps to prevent the overthrow of the government by Milo, in alliance with the now hostile Pythias, who has been spurned by Garth. She is shot by Karen as she attempts to stab Garth in the back. Garth slays Milo and the revolt is crushed.

The friends leave in Lumiere’s repaired plane, only to find it had been sabotaged by Pythias. They bale out by parachute. Garth is last to jump, and finds himself descending alone into the next valley, which Colchas had warned them to avoid at all costs!


Synopsis by Philip Harbottle

DF SD/DH 12/4/48 – 20/9/48 G87 – G225 139
12 The Wonder Women DF SD/JA 21/9/48 – 8/2/49 G226 – H33 120
13 Man Hunt DF SD/JA 9/2/49 – 9/7/49 H34 – H162 129
14 Selim the Slaver DF SD/JA 11/7/49 – 26/11/49 H163 – H282 120
15 Garth and the Glove Game DF SD/JA 28/11/49 – 3/6/50 H283 – J131 159
16 Journey to Jason DF SD/JA 5/6/50 – 23/12/50 J132 – J305 174
17 Space-Time Traveller DF SD/JA 27/12/50 – 12/5/51 J306 – K113 117
18 The Phantom Pharoah DF SD/JA 14/5/51 – 6/10/51 K114 – K239 126
19 Wings of the Night DF SD/JA 8/10/51 – 17/3/52 K240 – L65 136
20 Space Time Rivals DF SD/JA 18/3/52 – 5/7/52 L66 – L159 94
21 Flight into the Future DF SD/JA 7/7/52 – 25/10/52 L160 – L255 96
22 Invasion from Space HM SD/JA 27/10/52 – 14/2/53 L256 – M39 94
23 Warriors of Krull PO SD/JA 16/2/53 – 13/6/53 M40 – M140 101
24 In Hollywood PO SD/JA 15/6/53 – 14/11/53 M141 – M272 132
25 The Return of Malveno PO SD/JA 16/11/53 – 5/5/54 M273 – N106 144
Writer / Artist abbreviations:
AA = Angus Allan • DF = Don Freeman • DH = Dick Hailstone • FB = Frank Bellamy • HM = Hugh McClelland • JA = John Allard • JE = Jim Edgar • JT = James Tomlinson • KR = Ken Roscoe • MA = Martin Asbury | PH = Philip Harbottle • PO = Peter O’Donnell | PT = Peter Tranter • SD = Steve Dowling • TQ = Tim Quinn • MB = Martin Baines
Note on strip codes / serial numbers, etc:
Each code letter (running A to Z, excluding the letter I) represents a year’s worth of Mondays to Saturdays, the days on which The (Daily) Mirror newspaper of London is published Thus in any given year there will be a maximum of 314 numbers assigned to a serial code Figures in brackets denote number of days the newspaper appeared that year Pre 1982 it was not published Sunday, Good
Friday, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day From 1982 it was published every day except Sunday and Christmas Day Stories 163, 164 and 165 appeared only in
the Mirror’s Northern Ireland edition. Thick writing = leap years

1943 = B (310)

1944 = C (310)

1945 = D (308)

1946 = E (309)

1947 = F (310)

1948 = G (311)

1949 = H (310)

1950 = J (309)

1951 = K (310)

1952 = L (310)

1953 = M (310)

1954 = N (310)

1955 = O (308)

1956 = P (310)

1957 = Q (310)

1958 = R (310)

1959 = S (310)

1960 = T (311)

1961 = U (309)

1962 = V (310)

1963 = W (310)

1964 = X (311)

1965 = Y (310)

1966 = Z (311)

1967 = A (309)

1968 = B (311)

1969 = C (309)

1970 = D (305)

1971 = E (304)

1972 = F (307)

1973 = G (309)

1974 = H (306)

1975 = J (307)

1976 = K (310)

1977 = L (310)

1978 = M (307)

1979 = N (309)

1980 = O (307)

1981 = P (309)

1982 = Q (309)

1983 = R (311)

1984 = S (313)

1985 = T (307)

1986 = U (310)

1987 = V (311)

1988 = W (314)

1989 = X (311)

1990 = Y (312)

1991 = Z (312)

1992 = A (313)

1993 = B (312)

1994 = C (313)

1995 = D (311)

1996 = E (312)

1997 = F (312)

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• Garth – Strip Checklist – Part One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight (Reprints)

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