EXCLUSIVE: Chris Weston’s cover for “Black Max Volume Two”

Here’s an exclusive first look at Chris Weston’s fantastic cover, coloured by Dylan Teague, for the upcoming second collection of the 1970s British comic strip “Black Max” – a character who’s been enjoying quite a revival through the various Scream and Misty Specials, and his appearance in the 2000AD strip “Fiends of the Eastern Front”.

Do you remember Lion’s “Danger Man” comic strip?

Back in the 1960s, the success of James Bond in print and on the big screen spawned or inspired many similar heroes – and heroines – on TV and comics. One of them was the hugely-popular British series Danger Man, starring Patrick McGoohan, who would go on to star in the cult show The Prisoner. One of the show’s comic spin-offs is less well known than others…

Phil Comics eBay auction offers Robert Nixon Buster art and more

The latest Phil-Comics on eBay auction features around 465 vintage comic related items, including original artwork from Beano and Buster artist Robert Nixon, a wide array of comics, annuals, holiday specials, books, batches and a few CGC graded comics to… Read More ›

Klep! “Cosmic Comics” is a Kevin O’Neill comics miscellany that may burn your eyeballs!

Independent publisher Hibernia has teamed up with the Treasury of British Comics to publish Cosmic Comics, a terrific, eye-searing collection of legendary comic creator Kevin O’Neill’s formative work on such titles as 2000AD, Lion, Tornado and Starlord

Creating Comics: An Archive Interview with Roy of the Rovers co-creator Frank S. Pepper

The Continuing Adventures of Frank S. Pepper This feature offers the full text of an interview Andrew Darlington conducted with the legendary writer Frank S. Pepper, extracted from a long series of correspondence, exactly as it was published in the… Read More ›

Axa, Robot Archie, Sanjulian art and more up for auction

Quite by chance, I came across an interesting auction of Original Comic Art on Catwiki which ends tomorrow but includes a few items by British creators and a huge range of art by some well known European artists, including an “Axa” strip by Enrique Badia Romero and a “Robot Archie” page by Ted Kearon, from Lion.

British Comic Heroes under one roof! Rebellion snaps up TI Media’s classic comics catalogue

2000AD publishers Rebellion have acquired all the comic titles owned by TI Media, reuniting publications dating back to Comic Cuts with the titles they purchased from Egmont in 2016. This means virtually every classic British comic title published out of London… Read More ›

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