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Commando 4275Four new Commandos are now on sale in all good newsagents in the UK from publishers DC Thomson…

Commando No 4275: The Camouflage Kings
Story: Alan Hebden Inside Art: Vila Cover: Ian Kennedy

During World War II, Randolf King, a civilian film set designer, was employed by British Military Intelligence. His specialty was still the creation of illusions — but not for the movies this time. His talents were to put to use fooling the Germans with fake airfields, bases — even ships!

However, Randolf had a nemesis — a mysterious enemy with skills the equal of his own and, it seemed, the ability to anticipate his every move…

Commando4276.jpgCommando No 4276: Deadly Feud
Story: Mike Knowles Inside Art: Macabich Cover: Macabich

August von Wurtburg, disgraced military cadet, had escaped from pre-First World War Germany, and his enemies, by joining the French Foreign Legion. There, to his surprise, he had been moulded into a skilled and dangerous fighting man.

When he returned to Germany after World War 1 he found it, and his family, in the grip of armed militias — a land on the brink of civil war. August would need all his considerable skills just to stay alive, never mind help his family.

Commando4277.jpgCommando 4277: Combat Zone
Story: Ian Clark Inside Art: Ricardo Garijo Cover: Ian Kennedy
Previously No 2606 from 1992

The news team had known that filming a documentary in the middle of a combat zone was bound to be dangerous work. But nothing could have prepared them for a life-or-death chase by a gang of cut-throat bandits out for blood… or a direct attack by Hind helicopter gunships, each armed with a terrifying arsenal of machine guns, rockets and anti-tank missiles!

Commando4278.jpgCommando 4278: Warriors of the Wilderness
Story: Alan Hemus Inside Art: Vila Cover: Alan Burrows
Previously No 2559 from 1992

A plane crash in an icy wilderness sets off a rescue operation with a difference because a Russian general in the plane carries vital secrets in his head. It means he must be rescued — or killed.

This desperate mission will make comrades of a strange assortment of fighting men…

• For more information, check out the official Commando site at:, which alos includes features on popular Commando characters such as Ramsey’s Raiders and an ongoing day-by-day diary of World War 2…

• Click here for subscription information or write to: D.C. Thomson & Co Ltd, The Subscribers Department, Commando Library, 80 Kingsway East, Dundee DD4 8SL or Freephone (UK only) 0800 318846

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