Beano & Dandy – A Celebration of Dudley D Watkins gets DC Thomson web shop release

Some have been lucky enough to already receive an advance copy of DC Thomson Media’s Beano & Dandy – A Celebration of Dudley D Watkins, a terrific-looking book currently only available direct from the publisher.

Beano & Dandy - A Celebration of Dudley D Watkins

As with the 2021 Beano, The Dandy and other annuals due to be distributed earlier this month, general release of titles like this has been delayed, the result of behind the scenes factors caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic that have disrupted many publisher’s schedules this year.

(Most DC Thomson Media staff are still working from home, but working hard to continue to deliver the company’s regular titles such as Beano. However, it now looks as though we may not have to wait long before we can order these titles from our favourite brick and mortar shops or digital stores. We’ll keep an eye out!).

Marking 50 years since his passing, this gift book looks back at the art of legendary British comic artist Dudley D. Watkins and his illustrious career at powerhouse publisher DC Thomson.

With work spanning over 40 years, the book contains comics from publications as diverse as The Sunday Post, The Topper, The Beezer, The Skipper Book for Boys and, of course, Beano and The Dandy.

Familiar characters include several of Watkins own creation, such as Desperate Dan, Biffo the Bear, Mickey the Monkey and Ginger, as well as nostalgic staples like Lord Snooty, and a section entirely devoted to the early days of “The Broons” and “Oor Wullie” in the 1930s. Obscure strips such as “Percy Vere and his Trying Tricks” and “Smarty Grandpa” also feature, too.

Split into sections by decades charting Dudley D. Watkins career across comics, story illustration and more, the book looks amazing – and like other comic fans, let’s hope it paves the way for similar titles devoted to key DC Thomson comic creators.

Beano & Dandy – A Celebration of Dudley D Watkins is available here from the DC Thomson web shop | The book is also listed here on AmazonUK (Affiliate Link)

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  1. This is welcome news. Would love to see more from DC Thompson like this. Leo Baxendale perhaps or John Geering???

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