Book and Magazine Collector Issue 313

The long running series of articles on Great British Comics Artists by David Ashford and Norman Wright in Book and Magazine Collector has reached part 32. This issue’s subject is Alan Philpott.

Philpott was the artist who created Robot Archie for Lion in 1952. Previously he had worked on the A Classic In Pictures series which was a British attempt recreating the American Classics Illustrated. He also worked on Swift and the Air Ace, War and Battle Picture Libraries before moving over to DC Thomson. There he worked on Victor, Hornet, Hotspur, Wizard and Commando. Indeed his last published comics work was the cover of Commando issue 1978, Winger Fury, published in March 1986.
The article runs to 13 pages plus 5 pages of a very detailed bibliography. The article includes the front and back covers for Hotspur 331 from 1966 which tells the story of Custer’s Last Stand and Victor 91 from 1962 which tells the story of the Dam Busters. Each of these four comic pages get a single colour magazine page each and so are easily readable.

A reminder that Norman Wright and David Ashford’s book collecting 14 of the Great British Comics Artists series from previous issue of Book and Magazine Collector, Masters Of Fun And Thrills, is still available directly from Norman.

Book and Magazine Collector issue 313 is available for £3.50 from WH Smiths and Easons, or from the B&MC website.

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