British Comic Shop Comic Releases (5th November 2014) – Doctor Who and Greysuit, too!

Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor #4 Cover A


Here’s a list of comics – both US and UK releases – on sale in specialist UK comic shops from tomorrow, Wednesday 5th November 2014, courtesy of First Age Comics, Lancaster. We’ve picked out the titles published by British publishers in bold below, or titles with a British connection we’re aware of.

Some titles such as the latest Wallace & Gromit Comic Strip Collection from Titan, have been added to the list from other sources.

Don’t forget that despite many publishers lack of faith in full-blown cover to cover comic strip action and humour, there are still comics on sale in newsagents that still delight in bringing you such subversive delights, including The Beano and Commando, with great strips featuring in titles such as Judge Dredd Megazine, Doctor Who Magazine, Doctor Who Adventures, TOXIC, VIZ and more.

2000AD Prog 1906


2000AD Prog 1906 (Rebellion)

Adorning the cover drawn by John Higgins is “Greysuit” – John Blake, Delta-class, super-powered British Intelligence agent, had his mind wiped, then reprogrammed to destroy any threat to shadowy ministers in smoky ‘gentlemen’s’ clubs, Blake has overcome his programming, regaining some of his memories, and gone AWOL, posing a serious threat to his handlers… The strip is written by Pat Mills and continues inside.

“Judge Dredd: Block Judge” continues, by John Wagner & Carlos Ezquerra: plus there’s “stickleback: The Thru’Penny Opera” by  Ian Edginton & D’Israeli; “The Grievous Journey of Ichabod Azrael: One Last Bullet” by Rob Williams & Dom Reardon; and “Kingdom: Aux Drift” by Dan Abnett and Richard Elson.

Action Comics 36
Adventure Time Annual 2014
Alien Vs Predator: Fire And Stone 2
All New Invaders 6 SIN
All New X-Factor 16 AXIS
Amazing Spider-Man 9
Angel And Faith Season Ten 8
Aquaman And The Others 7
Avatar Last Airbender Trade Paperback Volume 9: Rift Part 3
Avengers And X-Men: Axis4
Batman Eternal 31
Blood Queen 6
Bloodshot 25
Chastity 5
Chew 44


The Chronicles of Legion Volume 1


The Chronicles of Legion Volume 1 (Titan Comics)
Writer: Fabien Nury Artists: Mario Alberti, Mathieu Lauffray, Tirso and Zhang Xiaoyu

March 1531, Somewhere on the Atlantic: Gabriella Doña de la Fuente sails to Latin America in order to marry Hernan Cortés, and face an uncertain destiny.

January 1812, Moscow: Armand Malachi recruits mercenaries from Napoleon’s defeated army in order to recover a lost, mysterious treasure.

October 1885, Whitechapel, London: Victor Douglas Thorpe receives a curious, dramatic inheritance…

Three lives, three incarnations of Vlad Tepes Dracula.

The same blood flows in the veins of all three, the blood of Dracula. Against their knowledge and their will, they will be forced to take part in a fratricidal feud between Vlad and Radu: a battle that has lasted for centuries and has claimed countless lives.

This is how the vampires rise…

Day Men 5
Deadpool’s Art Of War 2
Death Defying Dr Mirage 3 (Issue 2 also due soon)
Death Of Wolverine: Life After Logan 1
Death Of Wolverine: Weapon X Program 1
Detective Comics 36

Doctor Who Tenth Doctor 4 (Titan Comics)
Writer: Nick Abadzis Artists: Elena Casagrande, Verity Glass Colourist: Arianna Florean Letterer: Comicraft

In exchange for the invaluable assistance she offered defending New York – and to say sorry for dropping into her life like a tornado! – the Doctor has promised Gabby one trip – just one trip! – in the TARDIS.

With the whole universe laid before her, all of time and space, where will Gabriella Gonzalez choose to go? What will they find when they get there… and can one trip in the TARDIS ever be enough?

More importantly, the Tenth Doctor has been hurt by the fate of his companions before – and recently! With Donna still fresh in his mind, can Gabby convince him that he shouldn’t travel alone, for just a little while longer?

Nick Abadzis and Elena Casagrande take the new Tenth Doctor era to the next level!

This issue also features a new back up humour strip by Rachael Smith, creator of Flimsy the Kitten  and the author of the graphic novel House Party, which was released by Great Beast earlier this year. “I’ve written and drawn each strip myself,” she announced on her blog last month, “working closely with the lovely folk at Titan, its been a blast and I can’t wait for you guys to see ’em in all their glory.”

Along with other Doctor Who artists such as Dave Taylor, Rachael will be at the Thought Bubble Festival later this month (15th and 16th November) in Leeds on Armouries Square,. She’ll be in New Dock Halls at table 63 on both days.


Dragons: Dangers of the Deep


Dragons: Riders of Berk Volume 2 – Dangers of the Deep (Titan Comics)

Writer: Simon Furman Artist: Iwan Nazif Colourists: Digikore Studio, Nestor Pereya Letterer: David Manley-Leach

When Stoick and all the grown-ups head off on a mission, Hiccup is left in charge! Sounds like fun? It is – until an old enemy decides to attack Berk… Meanwhile, in the scary Veil of Mists, Stoick and co. face something very scary…! Titan Comics presents the most exciting Dragon Riders of Berk adventure yet, written by Simon Furman (Transformers, Matt Hatter Chronicles) with incredible art by rising star Iwan Nazif!

The second in a series of thrilling all-ages publications broadening the How To Train Your Dragon universe. Featuring gorgeous animation-inspired artwork and written by Simon Furman (Transformers, Doctor Who Magazine, Thundercats).

Earth 2 Issue 28
Earth 2 Worlds End 5
Eternal Warrior: Days of Steel 1


The Evil Within #2 Cover


Evil Within 2 (Titan Comics)
Writer: Ian Edginton Artist: Alex Sanchez

In the treacherously haunted house of a young girl’s brain, every door hides gut-wrenching horrors and nerve-jangling chills, all torn from the world of Bethesda Software’s new survival horror game, The Evil Within™!

Dana, a young student, is desperately searching for her missing friend, but the hunt leads her down a path where every street corner hides devastation, dark secrets and deadly creatures spawned from the deepest depths of the most demented minds!


Fairest #31 Cover


Fairest 31 (Vertigo)
Writer: Mark Buckingham Artist: Russell Braun Colourist: Andrew Dalhouse Letterer: Todd Klein Cover: Adam Hughes

The penultimate chapter of “The Clamour for Glamour” poses the question, “Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?” Will it be good enough to win the Best Garden at the Farm contest? Mary certainly hopes so, although an impressionable Little Lamb and his pals may be about to spoil it all, thanks to a little inspiration from a pile of Pinocchio’s favorite comic books. Meanwhile, an unplanned arrival brings Reynard and Meghan a new bundle of joys and woes.

Read a Newsarama interview with artust Mark Buckingham on Newsarama on why he chose to write the final issues of Fairest

Fairy Quest: Outcasts 1
Fangoria 337
Fiction Squad 2
Flash Season Zero 2
Fuse 7
Ghost 9
God Hates Astronauts 3
Gotham Academy 2
Grayson 4
Green Arrow 36
Green Lantern 36 GODHEAD
Guardians Of The Galaxy 20
Hulk 8
Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Three 3
Justice League 3000 Issue 11
Knights Of The Dinner Table 214
Knights Of The Dinner Table TP Vol 48
Legendary Star Lord 1 (3rd Printing)
Legendary Star Lord 5
Lil Depressed Biy: Supposed To Be There Too 2
Lil Vampi Holiday Special 2014 One-Shot
Lobo 2
Mercenary Sea 7


Miracleman #13 Cover


Miracleman 13 (Marvel Comics)
Writer: The Original Writer Artist: John Totleben

Miracleman and Miraclewoman are whisked across the galaxy, where the future of humankind hangs in the balance before a conference of the Qys and Warpsmiths! Plus: The price of godhood takes its toll: Johnny Bates’ torment deepens — and overcome by the year’s events, Liz leaves!

Nailbiter 7
Names 3
New 52 Futures End 27
New Vampirella 6
Over Garden Wall Special 1
Penny Dora And The Wishing Box 1
Punks The Comic 2
Real Heroes 4
Robocop 2014 Issue 5
Rocket Raccoon 5
Scooby Doo Team-Up 7
Serenity: Leaves On The Wind Hard Cover
Skyman One-Shot
Spider-Verse Team-Up 1
Spread 4
Superman Unchained 9
Swamp Thing 36
Tech Jacket 5
Ten Grand 11
Terrible Lizard 1
Tiny Titans Return To The Treehouse 6
Tooth And Claw 1
Velvet 8


Wallce & Gromit: Complete Newspaper Collection Volume 2


Wallace & Gromit Comic Strips Collection Volume 2 (Titan Comics)
Artists: John Burns, Mychalio Kazybird Editors: David Manley-Leach, Richy K. Chandler, Steve White

This second volume of the complete newspaper comic strip collection continues the daily comic-strip adventures of Wallace, the world’s most famous inventor, and Gromit his ever faithful and resourceful canine companion as they frantically struggle from one harebrained scheme and outlandish invention to the next all in the pursuit of an honest buck. Packed with jokes, gags, gadgets, and punishingly phunny puns this collection contains all 318 strips from 2011 – 2012 when W&G set off on a cheese tour of Europe, battled out-of-control Halloween teddybear robots, went treasure hunting off the coast and made their own blockbuster movie!

Woods 7
X-Men 21


Doctor Who and Judge Dredd comic artist Dave Taylor signing at First Age Comics during this year's Halloween Celebration. The art on the walls behind him is by local illustrator Matt Soffe. Photo: John Freeman

Doctor Who and Judge Dredd comic artist Dave Taylor signing at First Age Comics during this year’s Halloween Celebration. The art on the walls behind him is by local illustrator Matt Soffe. Photo: John Freeman

• First Age Comics is at 3 Moor Lane, Lancaster LA1 1QD. Open: Tuesday – Friday 10.00am – 4.30pm, Saturday 10.00am – 5.30pm. Find them on Facebook

• First Age Comics also has a shop site on e-Bay:

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