Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor #4 Preview

The Tenth Doctor Cover A


Here’s a sneak preview of the latest issue of Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #4 on sale tomorrow, 5th November 2014 from Titan Comics in all good comic shops across the UK. This issue is offered in three variant covers.

In exchange for the invaluable assistance she offered defending New York – and to say sorry for dropping into her life like a tornado! – the Doctor has promised Gabby one trip – just one trip! – in the TARDIS.

With the whole universe laid before her, all of time and space, where will Gabriella Gonzalez choose to go? What will they find when they get there… and can one trip in the TARDIS ever be enough?

More importantly, the Tenth Doctor has been hurt by the fate of his companions before – and recently! With Donna still fresh in his mind, can Gabby convince him that he shouldn’t travel alone, for just a little while longer?

Nick Abadzis and Elena Casagrande take the new Tenth Doctor era to the next level!

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #4
Writer: Nick Abadzis Artists: Elena Casagrande, Verity Glass Colourist: Arianna Florean Letterer: Comicraft

This issue also features a new back up humour strip by Rachael Smith, creator of Flimsy the Kitten  and the author of the graphic novel House Party, which was released by Great Beast earlier this year. “I’ve written and drawn each strip myself,” she announced on her blog last month, “working closely with the lovely folk at Titan, its been a blast and I can’t wait for you guys to see ’em in all their glory.”

Along with other Doctor Who artists such as Dave Taylor, Rachael will be at the Thought Bubble Festival later this month (15th and 16th November) in Leeds on Armouries Square,. She’ll be in New Dock Halls at table 63 on both days.


The Tenth Doctor #4 Cover B


The Tenth Doctor #4 Cover C (Elena Casagrande)

Cover by Elena Casagrande

The Tenth Doctor #4 credits

The Tenth Doctor #4 preview 1

The Tenth Doctor #4 preview 2

The Tenth Doctor #4 preview 3


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