Titan Comics Jake Devine mind probed on company’s Doctor Who plans

Doctor Who: Panel to Panel podcast 164 - Jake Devine

Episode 164 of Doctor Who: Panel to Panel podcast is live, and this time out he chats with Titan ComicsDoctor Who editor Jake Devine joins host Jeremy Bement to talk about the books the company has published over the past few years, what is currently being released – and what to expect in 2024!

Plus, there’s lots of Doctor Who comic news, and more, as well!

The company’s most recent Who release is their part in the multimedia crossover project Doom’s Day, with #2 out now.

A lonely assassin from the 51st Century is hunting for her survival, and there’s only one person who can save her: The Doctor.

Using her vortex manipulator, she’ll do anything to find the tempestuous time traveller, including cavorting with the maleficent Missy!

Jake Devine originally interned at Titan Publishing Group six years ago, where, he says, he discovered the world of editing and saw how his irritating need for impeccable spelling and passion for the written word could be reconciled as the perfect job!

Now a Senior Editor, focused on comics and graphic novels, since starting as an assistant in 2017, he’s worked on magazines and comics, proofreading, writing copy, sub-editing, and everything inbetween. His work covers a multitude of titles, seeing them through from inception to production, interacting directly with writers, artists, agents, representatives of other publishers/companies – so he’s well versed in various aspects of a project and dealing with the needs of different people.

“The best thing for me as an editor is enjoying the work I do,” he says, “not only do I love reading comics, but I’m a gamer and film/TV buff. Which is why it’s an absolute blast to have worked on big franchises like Star Wars, Star Trek, and Marvel movie magazines, and in comics, Doctor Who, Tank Girl, Snowpiercer, with video game titles including Bloodborne, Horizon Zero Dawn, Life is Strange, and Medievil, among many others.

Jake also love to write in my spare time, and is working on his own fantasy novel.

Check out Doctor Who: Panel to Panel Episode 164 right here on Apple Podcasts

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