CancerTown Graphic Novel Update

CancertownNic Wilkinson has just been in touch with an update on the Cancertown graphic novel we previously featured on downthetubes.

Scheduled for release by Insomnia Publications at the end of the year, this original graphic novel is the work of British comic writer Cy (Starship Troopers) Dethan with art by Stephen Downey, colours by Melanie Cook and letters by Nic Wilkinson.

Insomnia have put chapter one up as a free myebook “taster” for the book and there are new sketches etc up at

Writer Cy Dethan is delighted with the way the project is shaping up, but none more so than when the cover of the book, pictured above arrived.

“There are moments when it’s truly great to be alive,” he recently wrote on his blog. “Waking up early on a Saturday morning is a particular favourite of mine, as is the instant you recognise the very distinctive sound of an Amazon parcel dropping heavily through the letterbox. Hell, even getting through the last few sets of a particularly difficult workout gives me a couple of seconds of genuine joy.

“You’d have to go a long way, however, to match the sensation of opening an innocent-looking email and having this test version of Paul Cartwright‘s cover to your first creator-owned graphic novel explode onto your screen.”

• More about the project on

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