Captain America and Donald Trump cross swords (or shields) – in Oxford, courtesy of TORCH

Jason Dittmer

Jason Dittmer

Oxford’s TORCH Comics and Graphic Novels: The Politics of Form network are hosting an event on ‘Trump in the Age of Captain America/ Captain America in the Age of Trump‘ with Jason Dittmer from the University College London tomorrow night.

Jason Dittmer is the author of Captain America and the Nationalist Superhero, and will trace the outlines of Trump’s populism, power, and pugnacious foreign policy in the pages of Captain America comics.

Comics and Graphic Novels: The Politics of Form is a new interdisciplinary network and seminar series promoting the academic study of comics at Oxford.


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A Reader in Human Geography at the UCL Department of Geography and Thematic Director for Global Security at UCL Institute of Global Governance, Jason Dittmer’s research interests are in the areas of critical approaches to diplomacy, geopolitics and assemblage theory.

As thematic director for global security, he is working to organise scholars at UCL interested in critical and theoretically-informed work on security in order to promote new, more socially-just frameworks of global governance. His publications have featured in Political Geography, International Journal of Cultural Policy and Geopolitics. Jason’s monographs have been published by London Routledge and Temple University Press.

Talking of TORCH, their comics events organiser Dr Dominic Davies recently guest edited a special issue of the online magazine Words Without Borders that focuses on comics and graphic narratives, which came out today. It translates some really great short comics from various artists working all over the world, and is worth checking out. You can view the issue and read Dominic’s introduction here

Trump in the Age of Captain America/Captain America in the Age of Trump‘ with Jason Dittmer, Tuesday 2nd February 2o17 TORCH Seminar Room. TORCH | The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities is at Radcliffe Humanities, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 6GG

• View the TORCH Comics and Graphic Novels termcard

• TORCH are seeking participants for their comics creation workshop on 21st June 2017, ‘INKFISH’, again from artists and writers of all levels:


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