Catch This: “The Savage Style of Joe Kubert, Comic Book Illustrator” Webinar

If you love Joe Kubert‘s Hawkman, Sgt Rock, Enemy Ace, Firehair, Tarzan, Tor and more, you’re sure to enjoy historian Arlen Schumer‘s live ‘visualecture’ this Thursday 20th August 2020 from New York, 6-8.00pm UK time.

Just over 90 tickets are still available, price $10.

While Joe Kubert entered the comic book field in the 1940s as an unknown designer for DC Comics, he finished his career as one of the most popular and revered comic book illustrators of all time. It’s time to explore the lasting legacy of Kubert and his comic book characters we all still know and love today.

Join New York Adventure Club as they explore the illustrious career of comic book illustrator Joe Kubert, whose unmistakable and unforgettable style made him perhaps the most expressive pen-and-brush artist of his generation.

Led by award-winning comic book art illustrator and historian Arlen Schumer, this “visualecture” and dynamic presentation showcasing Kubert’s comic book panels, pages, and covers like you’ve never seen before, will include why Kubert’s name and style became synonymous with war comics, and how he reconciled his World War Two Sgt. Rock character with the Vietnam War; adiscussion around why Kubert’s Hawkman failed to enjoy the same success as his fellow DC Comics superhero revivals of The Silver Age; the reasons behind why Kubert’s gritty pen line and bold brushwork was perfectly suited for writer and partner Bob Kanigher’s emotionally wrenching writing; and, what it is about Kubert’s Enemy Ace that makes it arguably the greatest body of artwork that Kubert ever produced.

Afterward, there will be a Q&A with Arlen — any and all questions about Joe Kubert are welcomed and encouraged!

Can’t make it live? Don’t worry, you’ll have access to the full replay for one week!

Full details, including technical details for best viewing experience and tickets are here on the New York Adventure Club web site

With thanks to Paul Gravett

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