Charlie Gillespie’s horror fantasy, “The Many”, primed for digital release

The Many by Charlie Gillespie - Promo Image

London-based comic creator Charlie Gillespie – a name longtime 2000AD and Judge Dredd Mgeazine readers are sure to recognise – is to launch his hard-hitting story The Many as a digital comic, distributed through Comixology from 25th April.

He very kindly sent me a copy of the story some time back while looking for publishers and while it wasn’t a tale I thought right for the projects I was working on at that point, I did think it was a great horror thriller, with plenty to keep you looking over your shoulder after reading it, so it’s great to hear that it’s finally going to be “out there”.

The Many: Once Upon A Time In Utopia is the first installment of the chronicles of Thomas Darker and his companions as they get pulled into conflict with the military industrial illusion of democracy in a near future western world. It’s a dark horror fantasy title with a political bent that plots the rise of the witch king of London and his looming struggles with an ancient secret at the dark heart of the pentagon. Mysterious characters assemble and strange powers awaken as a new politics rises to shake the foundations of the West.

It will get darker before the dawn.

A page from "The Many" by Charlie Gillespie.

A page from The Many: Once Upon A Time in Utopia by Charlie Gillespie.

Charlie Gillespie is a London based creator with a background in illustration, comic book art and computer graphics. He has produced artwork, including covers, for various comics, magazines, gaming cards, computer games and apps; including “Judge Dredd” for 2000AD, Magic The Gathering, Call Of Duty and Lara Croft for iPhone and iPad. He is currently Art Director at Beyond The Story creating interactive apps for tablets.

The Many: Once Upon A Time In Utopia is a full colour 120 page digital graphic novel, the first in a planned serious of three. It is available on Comixology here

 • Charlie’s Official web site is at – or you can follow him on Twitter @CGillespieUK 

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