Comic Christmas Covers

Over on his ever-wonderful Blimey! It’s Another Blog About Comics!, Lew Stringer has been running a series of features on British Christmas Comic Covers, offerings samples from a wide range of titles, from Film Fun and TV Express to the Beano, Eagle and Buster – including this fab cover from Sparky, back in 1970.

It’s a positive joy to see these smashing snow-covered covers of comics yesteryear — it make you realize just how much we’ve lost. Still, nostalgia is a powerful antidote!

Lew also offers a number of European and Scandinavian Christmas covers, including one from Nemi.

Here are the links to all Lew’s well-received posts so far:

By sheer coincidence, Jon K’s ace Random Acts of Geekiness blog started running Christmas comic covers the same day Lew did, except Jon’s blog features American comic covers, which he’s updating every day. It’s a great selection of varied titles from over the decades.

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