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  1. I remember it. But in my memory his sidekick was called Clikki Ba’ and used to hit people with a cricket bat bound with copper wire or something. Am I wrong?

    • Your memory doesn’t cheat you. There’s more on the character here: https://downthetubes.net/?p=27368

      • Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it. I’ve always thought the artwork on most British comics was really good. Particularly the Eagle. I managed to collect all the Dan Dare books that they put out years ago. Superb stuff. But I had no idea there was any great interest in the old comics these days.
        Though I always thought that the old war comics such as commando were recycled about every 10 years or so when a new crop of kids came along. Because I used to use them when I taught social studies. And some of them I’d read when I was a kid. Fascinating stuff. And apparently the Dan Dare watch that my grandfather managed to break for me is now worth $650 NZ to collectors. Thanks grandad. 🙂 And thanks to you. You’ve brought back some great memories.

      • You’re very welcome! Thanks for reading our site.

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