Comic Creators at London Book Fair: Video

The London Book Fair took place this week and a number of comic creators were at the event, signing, engaged in events or taking part in panels, including Pat Mills, Leah Moore, Paul Gravett and Jessica Martin.

A number of the creators were caught on video by the LBF team, such as Sarah McIntyre, Chris RiddellRichard CollingridgeGary Northfield and Neill Cameron at Sketchbook Social, while Paul Gravett offered his insights into digital comics and graphic novels.

I’ve created a YouTube pastiche of items uploaded so far and included Philip Ardagh‘s comments on the event, issues facing libraries and children’s literature, which praises the event and the energy as deals were done and hands shaken!

Hopefully the various comic-related panels will be added to the LBF YouTube channel soon, including the panels.

London Book fair:

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