Crowdfunding Spotlight: UNSTOPPABLE

UNSTOPPABLE Sample ArtArmageDoom Factory studio is in the final hours of raising funds for UNSTOPPABLE, an original action-packed “GreatSwordPunk” graphic novel set in a dark fantasy world, written by novelist Daniele Bonfanti, with art by 2000AD artist Stefano Cardosell, coloured by Aftershock colourist Patrizia Comino… and it looks flippin’ amazing.

The funds collected through this campaign will entirely go to the production of the UNSTOPPABLE graphic novel, and the kick-off of future projects from ArmageDoom Factory, an indie comics studio, opened in 2017 and managed by artist Stefano Cardoselli and writer Andrea Amenta in Orbetello, Tuscany, Italy. Other projects include Planet Caravan, a five issue mini series coming from US publisher Scout Editions this year.

Counting on a network of freelance professionals ArmageDoom Factory create and develop new, original comics, working with publishers in America and Europe. They often rely on crowdfunding to make our projects possible, offering backers unique perks.

UNSTOPPABLE Sample ArtUNSTOPPABLE Sample ArtAlready fully funded and chasing its “stretch goals”, UNSTOPPABLE centres on Lord Nublo, a man who has lost everything.

Everything was his wife.

She was taken away by the men of his King, to be fed to the soul-fuelled Machine which controls the immense Beast, onto whose very vertebrae the King’s Castle is grafted. Nublo couldn’t stop them — was forced to escape. Now, nobody will stop him until she is revenged.

The Machine, which is the source of the King’s power.

The Beast, which walks a reign encompassing the whole known world, in the never-ending trip of the Orbit, visiting fief after fief to collect human tributes and keep the Machine going—or to display its power over whole, doomed cities.

But something unthinkable is happening: A Marquis — a decadent, corrupt high priest — and a Baroness — a savage and brutal raider — have stolen the secrets of Soultek, conceived terrible ways to harvest the necessary souls, and developed their own weapons and engines of war.

They have trained and conditioned armoured warriors to resist the soul-stealing device of the King. They have tamed gigantic creatures to build an army of monsters. And now they are mounting a rebellion.


Will Lord Nublo join forces with the maniacal couple, in his UNSTOPPABLE path to vengeance?

As a backer of this project, you get the first edition of the UNSTOPPABLE graphic novel (the high-quality, special Kickstarter Edition, a promotional, non-commercial book), way before the commercial edition hits the comics stores. Plus – depending on your pledge tier – you may receive cool exclusive stuff, from ArmageDoom gadgets to original artwork and making-of material.

UNSTOPPABLE is written by Daniele Bonfanti, a speculative fiction novelist and translator (works by Clive Barker, Ramsey Campbell, Stephen King and many others). Also an adventure enthusiast – mountaineer, kayaker, open-water swimmer, trail runner, and beekeeper! – he’s a Splatterpunk Award nominee, and his fiction received two Honourable Mentions in The Best Horror of the Year. After translating and editing several comic books, UNSTOPPABLE is his first graphic novel as creator.


Stefano Cardoselli is a Tuscan-born artist, creating comics since 1999; a frequent contributor to Heavy Metal Magazine, who has also worked with 2000AD, Simon & Schuster, Antarctic Press, Blue Water Comics, Dark Slinger Comics, Scout Comics, Caliber, TROMA Entertainment and many others. His work was mentioned by Time and Rolling Stone. You can check out his work on Instagram and Facebook.

Patrizia Comino is an Italian freelance colorist, painter, illustrator, cartoonist and writer. She drew a graphic novel and humour strips for an Italian magazine (Comix). She’s also colourist for Franco Cosimo Panini, Strip Art Features International, Aftershock; pattern designer and T-shirt illustrator for Filobio (Marie Claire and Vogue Children Italy). In the meantime she studies theatrical improvisation, so when she has to wait in line at the grocery she can amuse the old ladies!

This isn’t ArmageDoom’s first dance with Kickstarter: in the past year they’ve had four successfully-funded campaigns that allowed them to create the graphic novels Ballad of the Broken Heart, Hell Cross (Issue 1: “The road of hell is paved with good intentions” and issue 2: “Bloody roots”) and The Mysterious Space Adventures of the Daring Darling.

A small but tight team, they’re confident in the delivery of the project and hitting the deadlines. “We don’t anticipate any delays and, if successful, we will start printing as soon as the campaign ends. We’re looking forward to it!”

Check out the UNSTOPPABLE project here in full on Kickstarter

Check out ArmageDoom Factory’s comics projects here

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