Crowdfunding success for ‘Project Overwatch’

Project Overwatch Promotional ImageThe world of comic books is caught in an endless cycle of regurgitated ideas, so Con Artist Entertainment, the team behind Project: Overwatch project, argue the only real solution to this is to move away from the overused character and storyline tropes, and onto something fresh and exciting.

It seems they’ve hit the spot with their Kickstarter appeal, easily reaching their initial target and now gaining backing for their ‘stretch goals’.

Although CAE is an independent comic book studio based out of Tampa, Florida, the project – written and created by Martin Dunn, who’s part of a weekly podcast on the Con Artist Entertainment Network, alongside Shawn Talley – will feature cover art by Jimbo Salgado, whose credits include IDW’s Judge Dredd as well as Transformers, Batman, Team 7 and Grimm Fairy Tales.

CAE, who have been creating and distributing their own comics for a couple years now, say they’re looking to bring some excitement and originality back to the comic scene.

The concept of Project:Overwatch is pretty straight forward: an adult-orientated, politically-driven superhero drama. The story involves a group of teen apprentices who must fight to keep their superhero mentors from overthrowing the government.

The publishers goal is simply to give lifelong comic fans something different and original, while at the same time, providing fans who are new to the medium a friendly, less intimidating introduction.

Check out the Project: Overwatch Kickstarter here

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