Crucible Poster Now Available

Crucible Posters

Crucible: Promotional Poster by Smuzz

Crucible: Promotional Poster by Bernard Kolle

We’re pleased to announce the availabilty of three posters based on our Crucible story. Two feature art by Bernard Kolle, featuring Sylvana and Truug, characters from the  strip Crucible. One is the final version of the art featured on the cover of STRIP: The Adventure Comics Magazine #2, available from all good British newsagents and comic shops soon and the other is Bernard’s art before being re-coloured.

We also have a terrific poster featuring Sylvana and Beloc by series co-creator Smuzz available, featured on the cover of STRIP Magazine Issue Zero, released in 2011.

Al three posters are available from deviantart.

STRIP: The Adventure Comics Magazine Issue 2 Final Cover Art by Bernard Kolle

Crucible art by Bernard Kolle

Sylvana and Beloc – used for STRIP Magazine Issue Zero

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