Cutaway Comics latest Doctor Who spin-off comic, Paradise Found, smashes Kickstarter target

Kang you believe it? Cutaway Comics, Manchester’s comic imprint exploring creator-owned properties from Doctor Who has smashed its Kickstarter to publish Paradise Found, a comic sequel to the television story Paradise Towes, a tale from the Seventh Doctor’s period in the show.

Paradise Towers was notable for the introduction of the Kangs, who with their tribal colours and use of street language became an iconic addition to Doctor Who lore – and a cosplay favourite.

Paradise Found Cover A by Silvano Beltramo

Taking place after events in the Doctor Who serial, Paradise Found continues the story about the weird and colourful world of Paradise Towers, taking the characters and setting into a new and exciting dimension.

Written by Sean Mason, the project features art by Silvano Beltramo (Twisted Dark, War Angels), whose work was the winning submission from Cutaway Comics’ callout for a series artist, which the Cutaway Comics team picked for it’s “freshness and boldness in handling the source material.”

Rounding out the team on Paradise Towers: Paradise Found are colourist Andrew Orton and letterer Colin Brockhurst, and, along with a main cover by Silvano, variant covers by Martin Geraghty and Stephen B. Scott.

Offering a mix of the urban and tribal that will appeal to fans of The Ballad of Halo Jones and The Thirteenth Floor, award-winning dramatist Stephen Wyatt, who created and wrote Paradise Towers, has been extensively involved in the storylining process. He’s worked closely with emerging writer Sean Mason, who has previously adapted V for Vendetta and Halo Jones for the stage, and is delighted with the script for Paradise Found.

Paradise Found Cover B by Martin Geraghty

Paradise Found reintroduces fans to the award-winning architectural miracle, Paradise Towers, which was built high for happiness, Paradise Towers has a place for all and a safe haven from the war. All Residents, former Caretakers, and Kangs live in harmony.

Now that General Favalan and her soldiers have restored peace and prosperity to Paradise Towers has never been safer. Paradise is perfect. Paradise is pure. Paradise promises possibility! Make your forever home at Paradise Towers today. It’s to die for!

“Sean has come up with a brilliant 21st-century take on the Towers,” says Stephen Wyatt. ”It’s witty, inventive, and exciting.”

“We’re hugely excited to be returning to the towers with an ice-hot team of artists and writers, all overseen by the original Great Architect himself, Stephen Wyatt,” says Cutaway Comics publisher Gareth Kavanagh.

Paradise Found Cover C by Stephen B. Scott

Launched last week with a target of £3400, the Kickstarter has already raised over £11,000, with levels that include the chance to get early copies of the comic as well as exclusive perks, including postcards of cover art, prints, t-shirts, and even Kang sweatbands for that 1980’s look.

“Kickstarter has been a hugely valuable platform to assist with launching our new titles during the pandemic,” says Gareth. “Through it, we are able to offer perks such as the opportunity to appear in the comic, and help out with options to make packages economical to ship to overseas buyers.”

Issue 1 will be published in August 2021, with further issues following quarterly.

Check out the Paradise Towers: Paradise Found Kickstarter here


Check out the Paradise Towers: Paradise Found Kickstarter here

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Cutaway Comics is online at | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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