David Beckham’s in The Beano!

David Beckham in the 75th anniversary issue of The Beano

David Beckham and Sir Alex Ferguson are among a number of celebrities that will appear in The Beano’s 75th anniversary issue, on sale this Wednesday (24th July).

In the ‘Dennis the Menace and Gnasher and David Beckham!’ strip, David decides to move to Beanotown.  An undercover Dennis the Menace helps him find a home, but the only problem?  It is beside Sir Alex Ferguson’s new house.

Beckham and Ferguson join a long and ongoing list of celebrities that have featured in the comic – a sales tactic the comic has used for decades to promote the weekly humour comic.

The Beano Editor-in-Chief Mike Stirling said: “David Beckham features quite a lot in the anniversary issue and I think that the strip with David Beckham and Sir Alex Ferguson is brilliant. Dennis is up to his usual menacing and the results are hilarious. It pokes fun at their history in a light hearted way and of course, it’s all meant in jest.”

75th Anniversary issue of The Beano“We listen to what our readers say and feature people that they want to read about,” he added. “I think that the anniversary issue is possibly the most celeb-packed issue we have ever produced! 75 years of The Beano is a landmark worth celebrating and we hope that it appeals to readers of all ages.”

With a cover from Nigel Parkinson, the 75th anniversary issue will also feature celebrities such as Harry Hill, Bruce Forsyth, Holly Willoughby, Simon Cowell, One Direction (who appear in the Bananaman strip), Jessie J and of course Andy Murray amongst others.

• More info: www.beano.com

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3 replies

  1. I’m extremely dubious that any kids write in to The Beano asking for it to be filled with celebrities of the likes of Bruce Forsyth or One Direction. Didn’t they learn anything from the debacle that was The Dandy?

  2. Celebrities have been part and parcel of kids comics for decades, along with all the original stuff, not sure why their appearance should be a problem?

    • While it’s true that celebrities have appeared in comics over the years – even having their own strips in some cases – it seems to be generally acknowledged in many circles that The Dandy went too far in that direction with its 2010 relaunch. The word on the street, Huggy, is that the news about the Beano following suit with its anniversary edition hasn’t been well-received amongst fans of the comic. (See Wacky Comics site for some of the responses.) While it may generate some column inches in the press, it seems to leave most readers cold – and what irks me in particular, is the claim that it’s been done in response to readers’ requests. Two words – doubt it.

      Apparently, there are other also developments, which seem to indicate a move in the direction of The Dandy’s last comic incarnation. If such is the case then it would be utter madness.

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