David Hine: Why You should Back the Broken Frontier Anthology

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With less than two days to go before the Broken Frontier Kickstarter campaign for its proposed comics anthology to reach its target of  $58,000, comics writer and artist David Hine, one of the creators involved in the project, reveals why he feels it could be a game changer –  if it gains the funding required…

There are just two days left for the Broken Frontier Kickstarter campaign to reach its target of  $58,000 and we only have $37,000 plus change. Here’s the current state of play…

I say “only” but $37,000 is a hefty sum to be pledged by 839 people for a comic book. That means a lot of people have faith in the project. So can we reach the target in the few days we have left? This is an important project. It’s something of a test for a new model of publishing. The reason the goal is so much higher than for most Kickstarter comics is because Broken Frontier want to pay the creators a decent fee upfront for their work. Not a fee comparable to mainstream publishers, but enough to justify the time and effort to produce the work. It’s a model that the industry needs to enable established creators to work on personal, creator-owned projects, and for new and upcoming creators to reach a wider audience. There are some big names involved in this project and others who may be entirely new to you, as they were to me.

Below are some of the stories that will appear in the anthology if it is successful. You can be part of this. If you haven’t already funded us, please do look at the work below and think about pledging. There is no risk to you. The way Kickstarter works is that the money is only taken from your credit card account if the project is successfully funded. If we fail to meet the target the funds will never leave your account. And if we do raise the money, the book will be produced. And it will be one hell of a book – 250 full-colour pages and 40 creators.

This is Quin’s Return written by myself and drawn by Mark Stafford


Quin's Return written by David Hine and drawn by Mark Stafford

Quin’s Return written by David Hine and drawn by Mark Stafford



The anthology also includes work from Greg Pak and Tom Raney


Ghostpuncher by The anthology also includes work from Greg Pak and Tom Raney.


Then there’s Flyer by Justin Zimmerman and Mike Lawrence
Flyer by Justin Zimmerman and Mike Lawrence
A limited edition bookplate by Farel Dalrymple
Limited edition bookplate by Farel Dalrymple
There are prints by Robbie Rodriguez, Toby Cypress, PJ Holden and Robert Sammelin
Broken Frontier Anthology - Prints
Broken Frontier Anthology - Prints
The cover art is by Spider-Gwen artist Robbi Rodriguez…
Broken Frontier Anthology Cover by Robbi Rodriguez
So if you like the look of this hit this link: BROKEN FRONTIER ANTHOLOGY for a full list of contributors and more info… and the opportunity to fund the book and make it happen.
Broken Frontier Anthology 2015 - Creators
This article has been cross-posted from David Hine’s official site with his full permission

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