David Lloyd to launch weekly creator-owned digital comic

An all new sequential art magazine will soon be available exclusively through on-line subscription and was devised by David Lloyd, co-creator of V For Vendetta. It will be published as an 18-page weekly and form into seven issue volumes. There will then be a break in publication before the next seven issue volume begins its weekly release.

Contributors lined up for the project so far include David Lloyd, Kyle Baker, John McCrea, Phil Hester, Mark Wheatley, JC Vaughn, Billy Tucci, Bill Sienkiewicz, Steve Bissette, Marc Hempel, Yishan Li, Algesiras, Alain Mauricet, Alexandre Tefenkgi, Lew Stringer, David Leach, Phil Elliott, Carl Critchlow, Esteban Hernandez, Rory Walker, Dylan Teague, Dave Hine, Shaky Kane, Colleen Doran, Dan Christensen, Kev Hopgood, Ferg Handley, David Hitchcock, Paul Maybury, Henry Flint, Hunt Emerson, Roger Langridge, Cosmo White, Paul Peart Smith, Mychailo Kazybrid, Ben Dickson and Gavin Mitchell.

All creators keep the copyright on their individual characters, as one would expect from a company set up by a comic creator.

The on-line magazine has been funded by publisher David Lloyd, who has commissioned a web site – the site name as yet unrevealed – from which the weekly publication can be logged onto and read.

The comic allows creators to reap the benefits of the blossoming digital market without giving up their on-going in print work, but still manages to give subscribers a very good deal.

The comic relies on established names to attract comic readers who are aware of the reputation of the creators. This makes the shift to digital less daunting for creators and readers alike.

The weekly publication does not rely on the potentially huge audience beyond the direct sales market to succeed, but is designed to be viable even on a small percentage of the direct sales market. This can be achieved due to the structure of the company which David Lloyd has created, which is specifically designed to make money for the creators.

A seven issue subscription will cost £6.99/$10. More news as we get it!

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