Digital Comics Spotlight: War Medicine a new mini-series from Top Cow Talent Hunt-winning Hannibal Tabu

War Medicine #1 (Wunderman Comics) - Cover

War Medicine is a three-issue mini-series from California-based independent publisher Wunderman Comics, written by Top Cow Talent Hunt-winning Hannibal Tabu, with art by Roy Allan Martinez. All three issues are available now, an intriguing tale of a formidable female bounty hunter with shamannic abilities, largely set in the Old West, whose quest is to mete out justice to those who have killed her extended family.

Her quest leads her far and wide against a bevy of dangerous foes with supernatural powers of their own.

In War Medicine #1, set in Oklahoma, 1866, we’re introduced to Catherine Victor, a woman walking between worlds, the daughter of an escaped slave and a Cheyenne warrior, working as a problem solver in the wider world of the wild west. When her entire tribe is mysteriously destroyed, she embraces the legacy of her name and starts a long path towards vengeance.

War Medicine #1 (Wunderman Comics) - Sample Page
War Medicine #1 (Wunderman Comics) - Sample Page
War Medicine #1 (Wunderman Comics) - Sample Page
War Medicine #2 (Wunderman Comics) - Cover

In War Medicine #2, how is a dark-skinned plainswoman going to fit into the high society of New Orleans in 1866? On the trail of the people who killed everyone she’s ever loved, Catherine tracks down a slippery lawyer who put out a bounty on the “bones of the uncomplicated,” only to find out that the true source of her troubles is a world away.

War Medicine #2 (Wunderman Comics) - Cover

In War Medicine #3, Catherine ends up in Monrovia, Liberia, on the trail of vengeance for her family. Magic and mayhem mix together in unexpected fashions as voodoo and shamanic traditions clash in a lethal confrontation under the fading shadow of chattel slavery…

This three issue mini series is available digitally on multiple platforms, created by Nate Wunderman and Top Cow Talent Hunt-winning Hannibal Tabu, written by Tabu (Time Corps, Scoundrel, Irrational Numbers, and more), with art by Roy Allan Martinez (Marvel’s Son of M, Immortal Iron Fist, DC’s Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and AMP’s Zorro: Sword of Hell, amongst others), coloured and lettered by Josephine Roberts (E.I. – Earth Invasion, Time Corps, Scoundrel), and edited by Nate Wunderman.

A sequel is current in the works.

Check out War Medicine here on AmazonUK (Affiliate Link) | Series details and other distributor links here on Wunderman Comics

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