Egmont gives Charley’s War away for free!

To celebrate the launch of Egmont UK’s new Classic Comics website, they’re giving away digital editions of Part One of Charley’s War and Volume 1 of Roy of the Rovers for free for a limited time on the iTunes store for iPad.

In Charley’s War: Part One 2nd – 15th June 1915, we meet Charley Bourne for the first time, who’s sacked from his job in London and decides to join the war effort.

As fans know, we soon discover Charley is a typical ‘Tommy’, neither overly intelligent or especially strong. Rushed to the Western Front, he soon finds himself in the thick of things.

After proving himself with a daring attempt to rescue a Tommy runner, Charley is chosen to take part in a night raid on the German trenches. It’s a cracking pener to the series and if you have an iPad then why not grab it now?

• Egmont’s Classic Comics site:

Grab Charley’s War: Part One 2nd – 15th June 1915

Grab Roy of the Rovers Volume One from iTunes

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