Elephantmen Back on Track

Image Comics reports that, after a number of hiccups in the scheduling of Active Images Elephantmen in 2008, the creation of former Marvel UK staffer and all round good egg Richard Starkings, the book is back on track for 2009.

“I’d really like to thank retailers, podcasters and online reviewers for continuing to give our book so much incredible support,” says Richard as Elephantmen #15 hits the stands in the US, “We’re very proud of the War Toys mini series we launched last year and so happy to see it at the very top of the 2008 Power Rankings on Newsarama and rubbing shoulders with more established books on CBR’s Top 100 books of 2008.

“Nevertheless, we’re anxious to repeat the 12 issues in twelve months track record we established in our first year, and I’m happy to report that we already have five of this year’s issues in the can!”

Elephantmen #15, which wraps up the World Collide storyline, is shipping a week later than we expected, but due to a printing error rather than the interim creative team of Ian Churchill and Boo Cook!”

And there’s some great stuff in the pipeline, judging from the schedule on the Elephantmen web site. “Marian Churchland, who has already completed full colour art for issues #18 and #20 is currently working on #19,” says Richard, “and Moritat, who is recovering from gall bladder surgery, is working on a special framing sequence for issue #17 before returning to the book for issues #22 and 23!”

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