End of the Road for Flick and Jube

Simon Mackie’s ace Flick and Jube web comic, published over on DrunkDuck (along with several more of his comics such as Dr Ballard The Golem Rises and Bikini Blow Up, is finally complete. “Now to try and find a publisher,” he tells us.

Simon) has been a regular contributor to underground comics for many years contributing to comics in the UK, Holland and the US. For a number of years he lived and worked in Japan where he found himself heavily influenced the Ukiyoe prints of Hiroshige.

In Flick and Jube, this manic pair of characters break out from their mundane world and find themselves on a journey of exploration through nature and psyche that Simon describes as “both exhilarating and terrifying as they try to comprehend their new found power.”

Running to some 97 pages, the strip finds Flick and Jube both benefitting and suffering as a result of their talents, with evil minds set to try and destroy them at every turn.

“Go out looking for Nirvana and you end up in hell” says Simon.

Read Flick and Jube on DrunkDuck.com

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