Etherington Brothers launch Kickstarter for new “How to THINK when you draw” collection

The Etherington Brothers Kickstarter for How to THINK when you draw tutorials Book Two (and a reprint of Book One, Lorenzo Etherington‘s sketchbook trilogy and a reprint of The Art of Stranski) is now live.

Many of these books are exclusively only available as part of this Kickstarter, and won’t be available anywhere else (online, in shops, Amazon etc) this year.

How to THINK when you DRAW Volumes One and Two are both 200-page full colour hardback books measuring 8.5″ by 8.5″. The books collect together masses of Lorenzo’s fantastic drawing tutorials, covering an enormous range of subjects.

How to THINK when you draw Sample - art by Lorenzo Etherington


How to THINK when you draw Sample - art by Lorenzo Etherington

“The series is extremely user-friendly, designed to benefit every skill level, from the absolute beginner to the seasoned professional,” says Lorenzo. “Volume One raised a quarter of a million pounds on Kickstarter last year and has been sold out ever since. Volume Two is brand new and being launched exclusively there.”

The tutorials are better seen than described, so check out some 200 free tutorial here on the Etherington Brothers blog.

The Deluxe Collection Parts 1 – 3  are each 600 page softcover black and white books measuring 8.5″ by 8.5″. The artwork is divided into chapters themed around character design, pose and gesture sheets, monsters, robots, concept vehicles, environment design, world building and much more. Each book features thousands of illustrations.

The Art of Stranski is a 100 page full colour hardback book that raised over £70,000 in Kickstarter campaigns and has been sold out for 12 months. Now, the Etherington Brothers are offering you another chance to get it. This book will not be available anywhere else online or in shops this year – only on Kickstarter, collecting together several years of concept art and illustrations from Lorenzo’s “lost” 1940s adventure, STRANSKI.

The Art of Stranski by Lorenzo Etherington

The world of Stranski is far better seen than described, so before you go any further, check out an entire gallery of animated Stranski posters right here.

Needless to say, if you’re an aspiring comics creator, these books are a terrific asset on your shelves, so head over to Kickstarter now and check out what’s on offer!

• How to THINK when you DRAW BOOK 2! PLUS BOOK 1 and ARTBOOKS Kickstarter


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