Everybody’s Cursed… if writer Stu Perrins has His Way, That Is!

Everybody's Cursed Cover


In a quick follow up to our 100% Biodegradable post earlier today, contributor Stu Perrins to tell us about his own anthology comic, Everybody’s Cursed, featuring four short stories he’s written with art by Nick Gonzo, Brian Burke and Matt Brown.

Plant Eating Robots, Zombis and the End of Civilisation form the backbone of four dark tales that Stu says will worm their way into the cold, dank corners of your mind and keep you awake during the lonely hours.

“Clouds are forming so hear my warning,” he intones. “Everybody’s Cursed!”

Stu is the writer of many different comics over the years, with titles including Mercury, Harvey Spig, Tales from a Lonely Planet, Imperials and others. He was recently interviewed on Inter-Comics.com about his work, Harvey Spig and crowdfunding.

• Check out the project on DriveThru: http://comics.drivethrustuff.com/product/137578/Everybodys-Cursed

• Check out Stu’s other work on DriveThruComics right here and can catch him on Twitter here

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  1. Ha! Great to see my interview with Stu being pushed about! 🙂 He’s a talented writer and good mate. Great to see his stuff being touted!

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