SciFi Serial Killers and Drunk Zombies take over 100% Biodegradable!

100% Biodegradable Issue 6 Cover


Werewolf romance, undead wildebeests, murderous aliens, lonely giants, kung-fu kitchen antics… must be time for another slice of digital comic carnage in the form of 100% Biodegradable, then!

Feast your eyes on a freakshow of a comic anthology wrapped in a cover from Roland Bird, featuring the likes of Neill Cameron (The Pirates Of Pangaea, Mega Robo Bros), Dave Hailwood (editor on the comic),  Stewart Moore (Futurequake, Tin Man Games), Tony Suleri (Slumdroid, Bulletproof), Roland Bird (The Final Deathrace, Accent UK Zombies), Paul H. Birch (Toxic, Creepy Kofy Movie Time), Neil Alexander (The Good Guys, Sleeping Phoenix), Stu Perrins (Prime, Harvey Spig), Vince Hunt (The Red Mask From Mars, Tales From A Lonely Planet) and more.

Death Duty by John Freeman & Alan Burrows

“Death Duty” created by John Freeman & Alan Burrows – heading for Biodegradable Issue 7

It’s bloody, gore-filled issue this time around – but great fun. My favourite story is definitely “BackTrack” by Dave Hailwood and Tony Suleri, a great “Future Shock” style murder mystery with a great twist. But there’s a slo a simply gorgeous-looking one page strip, “Aufklarung” by Stewart Moore that is a very different sort of story to most of the horror-tinged others in the issue.

Some sample pages from the issue below!

I’d better declare an interest here as, with its next issue, I’m rubbing shoulders with these fine younger talents with the revival of “Death Duty“, a project I created with Alan Burrows (best known, perhaps, for his work on Starblazer and Alan Grant’s Northern Lightz).

Issue Seven will feature the full never-before-published six page opening episode of an eight-part series set in a wider “WarWorldz” universe I first conceived back in the early 1990s after my time at Marvel UK along with Craig Houston and  Stuart Jennett but which never saw the light of day. Brett Burbridge picks up the reins on “Death Duty” for the rest of the story, which I’ve co-written with Dave.

Set in a brutal future when Corporations run a galaxy-wide empire, where Earth is a dumping ground and far from the planet it used to be, convict Travis Wilson is a man on the edge, conscripted to “peace keeping” duties that see a Death Duty squad hunting down enemies of their boss. If you’re on The List – he’s after you…

We’ll be publishing more information on the WarWorldz project on a dedicated web site – – as things progress. Dave Thomson is also working on a strip for this loosely-connected project.

 • Issue 6 of 100% Biodegradable is available now, for just 69p/$0.99. You can grab it on Comicsy here: Or Drivethru Comics here:

• In celebration of reaching their sixth issue, there’s also a bundle containing Issues One – Three available on Drivethru for just $0.99 (three for the price of one!). This is a limited offer, which lasts until 1st October 2014, so if you haven’t read the earlier issues yet it’s a good place to start:

• Issues One to Five  are also available on ComiXology here:

"The Visitor" by Stu Perrins and Vince Hunt

“The Visitor” by Stu Perrins and Vince Hunt

"Dead Beats" by Dave Hailwood and Neil Alexander

“Dead Beats” by Dave Hailwood and Neil Alexander

"Wolf's Bane" by Paul H. Birch, art by Roland Bird, colour by Gavin Ross

“Wolf’s Bane” by Paul H. Birch, art by Roland Bird, colour by Gavin Ross

"Poor Taste" by Dave Morris, art by Neill Cameron

“Poor Taste” by Dave Morris, art by Neill Cameron

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