First Issue of Commando Reprinted

As Commando’s Golden Anniversary year draws to an end, the reprint that everyone has been waiting for, Issue 1 Walk – Or Die!, is published just in time for Christmas.

Also included in this batch of four Commandos is Chuck Ballard Goes To War, the penultimate story written by Norman Adams who passed away in August of this year. Norman was known to Commando readers for his creation of the Headline Heroes and the Phantom (with artist Keith Page) amongst others. Editor Calum Laird said, “Norman is sadly missed by everyone on the Commando Team, past and present, an I’m sure that goes for Commando’s readers too.” There are more details of Norman’s stories on the Commando website and there is an obituary about him on The Scotsman website.

4451: Chuck Ballard Goes To War
Script: Norman Adams
Art: Olivera
Cover: Ian Kennedy
December, 7th, 1941 — America is left reeling from Japan’s sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. For the Japanese crew of a Nakajima B5N2 “Kate” torpedo bomber, however, the success is short-lived. After crash-landing on a supposedly deserted island, they are dismayed to find that it is in fact home to a village full of civilians. Though the three Japanese airmen do not wish to take innocent lives, their fellow countrymen, responding to their mayday signal, are not so honourable. This may turn out to be their undoing, thanks to the presence of an ex-Marine who is an expert with a hunting rifle…

4452: Operation “Loco”
Script: Mac MacDonald
Art: Keith Page
Cover: Keith Page
James Bailey was a railwayman like his father before him. In charge of the most powerful steam locomotives he could drive anything, anywhere, any time. He was the obvious choice when a special job came in to his depot. Would it be a VIP run to London? Or maybe a vital troop train to the coast? How about a Commando raid behind enemy lines?

4453: Walk — Or Die!
(Originally published as Issue 1 in June 1961 and re-issued as Issue 2523 in December 1991)
Script: Eric Castle
Art: Garcia
Cover: Ken Barr
CORPORAL TOM GERRARD of the Royal Tank Corps was just an ordinary bloke, easy-going and cheerful.
COLONEL KARL OBERTH of the SS Panzer Corps was a typical Nazi officer, brutal and merciless.
SOMEWHERE on the limitless, scorching inferno of the Western Desert, Fate decided their tank tracks should cross.
HERE THEN is the story of the epic fight put up by Corporal Gerrard and his tank, Matilda, against the might and power of the Panzers and their swaggering Colonel, who thought he could sweep the British off the face of the desert.

4454: Riley’s Rifle
(Originally published as issue 994 in December 1975 and re-issued as Issue 2347 in February 1990)
Script: Cyril Walker
Art: Galindo
Cover: Ian Kennedy
It was a rifle like countless others, standard issue to thousands upon thousands of men in the British Army in two World Wars — a Lee-Enfield No.1 Mark III. Millions of them were made. Some are still in use today. But there was something special about this particular rifle — it was as if it had a life of its own, a will of its own. It seemed to want to do things by itself… and what it wanted most was vengeance!

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