Fluid Friction announces Devashard

Hong Kong-based publisher Fluid Friction launches what the company describes as the first ever true East meets West graphic novel, Devashard, in April, sporting a cover by Simon Bisley.

Inspired by Asian mythology and produced in Hong Kong by a team of experienced writers and artists, exactly half of whom are from the Western comic industry and half from the Eastern, the publishers describe the book – and downthetubes has seen an early version, which does look fab – as “truly revolutionary”.

The first issue cover is drawn by world renowned artist Simon Bisley (2000AD, Heavy Metal, Batman, Wolverine) and you can order your special limited edition signed preview copy now from www.fluidfriction.com and be among the first to own a piece of history.

Devashard is an epic narrative, introducing a host of original characters seamlessly woven into the lives of those already in existence and it is a story of truth, honour, injustice, betrayal and revenge. Spanning a series of 25 full colour graphic novels, the series reveals the life of Karna,
a great warrior whose destiny brings with it many grave dangers. In the first book of the series, Karna’s serene existence is suddenly shattered by the appearance of a dark, terrible creature that is stalking him and his family.

Download a preview copy (PDF format)

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